FloatFit YOGA with AquaPhysical Review

Yoga, I love it. It’s fleeted in and out of my life since before I can remember it but I only seriously got into it a couple of years ago when I realised I could no longer eat whole bags of Doritos and a family size bag of mistrals in one sitting without it sticking somewhere. Since then I’ve caught the yoga bug and become full on addicted! And you know what I really love?. Despite the fact that the moves have remained the same for literally thousands of years, a few amazing people out there are finding new ways to innovate. Gone are the days of downward dogging in your front room, there’s now an ever growing list of creative ways you can enjoy this traditional exercise.

Launching this April, the Haymarket Hotel has once again teamed up with water based fitness experts, AquaPhysical to bring their brand new FloatFit YOGA series to the subterranean pool. Knowing my weakness for yoga and delicious food, the lovely team at the Haymarket Hotel invited me down to try their latest invention, FloatFit Yoga. Taking yoga to a whole new level, these vinyasa classes develop strength, balance and mindfulness using the specially engineered AquaBase on water. Taking their practice to the pool, participants have the additional challenge of balance; this forces the mind to focus and the body to strengthen. Any imbalance is instantly identified and any muscle weaknesses can then be effectively strengthened.

Now let me tell you, this is no super chilled yin and meditation class. Staying stable on the floats requires a lot of focus. As someone who is guilty of a wondering mind, sometimes finding it hard not to get distracted thinking about what I’m having for dinner instead of my breathing, this class allowed me to achieve a level of mindfulness I often struggle to reach despite it’s major importance in the practice. Throughout the session, I had to return to my breathing and really concentrate my mind on my set point to stop myself completely toppling into the water. Don’t get me wrong, I did fall in a couple of times, but that really was part of the fun! I was definitely the wettest of the group but each time we had a bit of a laugh then zoned back in to do what we were there to do. We were guided through a routine, which on land we would feel was second nature but on the AquaBase we had to return to our routes and really take note of our placement and posture.  Finishing up with a shoulder stand, which everyone attempted fiercely without falling in, you could note a massive improvement on balance compared to the beginning of the class. Feeling refreshed and super chilled out; we were greeted from the pool with fluffy white towel and a delicious recovery brunch spread prepared by the hotels expert Restaurant Brumus, with a mouthwatering selection of avocado on rye with grilled chorizo; freshly baked waffles, banana, strawberries; and sweetcorn chilli fritters with avocado, tomato, lime salsa and poached eggs.

Launching April the 8th, Haymarket Hotel are offering an amazing Saturday brunch deal, where you can enjoy a 30 minute exercise class followed by a delicious brunch in their in house restaurant. And for those of you who prefer squats to shavasana’s, you can experience the other side to the FloatFit program and sign up to one of their popular HIIT classes. The revolutionary FloatFit HIIT workout includes burpees, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, the plank, stretching, all on water. This low impact, cross training class gives a full body workout. Loads of fun and an excellent work out, the FloatFit is perfect for anyone who wants a healthy Saturday morning with a difference.

When: YOGA and HIIT sessions to alternate every Saturday from 8th April 2017
Timings: Session one: 8.45am for a 9.00am start. 30 mins
Session two: 9.45am for a 10.00am start. 30 mins
Price: £35 including class (AquaBase and towel will be provided), mineral water and brunch

For further information and to book visit –

The Haymarket Hotel
1 Suffolk Place

Written by Jordan Crowley