A Door in a Wall: The Life and Death of Paul Marrane

Immersive events company A Door in a Wall’s latest mystery game The Life and Death of Paul Marrane is currently taking over East London.

I’ve been delightfully entertained and baffled by their last couple of games and this was no exception. The story follows a recently deceased Professor who dies in mysterious circumstances. Who is Paul Marrane? What did he do? Who is his rightful heir? These are all questions you and your team must uncover.

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We were briefed upon arrival, given a map, a booklet and some cryptic clues before we took to the streets of Poplar to try to uncover this conundrum.

As you charge between different locations you encounter an array of weird and wonderful characters who give you information, sometimes reluctantly and after heavy persuasion in our case. Leave your inhibitions on the tube and embrace the theatrics and you will enjoy it all the more. I’m wary about giving away too many details as I don’t want to spoil the fun and the surprises.

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Although we desperately tried to uncover this mystery in the time allotted, although we did stop for a steak bake and later a chicken burger, we could not. Whether this was because of the cholesterol high food or our limited map-reading, interrogation and deciphering skills, I could not possibly say.

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What I will say is that this event is interesting, baffling, hilarious and a whole lot of fun. Whether you go with one friend or a gaggle of your sleuth associates; I whole heartedly recommend it.

The Life and Death of Paul Marrane has been developed in partnership with Poplar HARCA (Housing and Regeneration Community Association), a social landlord in east London. The elaborately constructed story combines local history, design and character with more fantastical elements and contemporary themes and gags.

This event runs until 31st May and I’d recommend booking tickets up quick.


Twitter: @adoorinawall

Website: http://www.adoorinawall.com/


Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986

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