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Imperial Aesthetics: Fillers Review

We all get really nervous when we think about making changes to our face. Well I bit the bullet and decided to try fillers, yes I actually went for it. People mostly think of lips when they think of fillers, but the world of fillers has changed. You can now change the shape of your nose, chin, jaw bone etc with these injectables. I decided that I wanted to try the tear trough filler, my eyes were looking sunken and tired and after much research, this was the procedure for me. Huge warning here, only take part in procedures that you have fully researched, understand the risks and are delivered by a trained medical professional where possible. Safety and ensuring you are not endangering yourself is key.

I was really nervous heading down to Harley Street, but on arrival I was welcomed by Dr Daniel Hunt, the founder and owner of Imperial Aesthetics. His story is amazing, he is a real life Dr and wanted to use his skillset to bring beauty to the world. What I like most about his approach is that he refuses to over do things. He believes in his integrity more than getting a quick buck by over filling clients. He put me to ease straight away, explaining what to expect.

The procedure was not as I expected. In all the research I did, I thought that tear trough fillers were injected directly under the eye. This was the part that made me super nervous, as I know this comes with risks. Dr Hunt uses a new procedure, which involves going through the cheek into the under eye area using a cannula. The procedure was quick and painless and took less than 15 mins. I was able to head right back to work. I loved my results and within 15 mins went from looking super tired, to looking like I finally had some sleep.

I was so impressed with the professionalism and the results of my treatment. Even better the business offers a range of different treatments for clients. If you have been curious about fillers or any other procedures, why not give them a call for a consultation?

Imperial Aesthetics
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(Please note again, if you are wanting to have any treatment done, please research thoroughly and speak to your GP if you have any underlying health conditions. Always always use a trained and qualified professional)

Written by Abi Onas