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Indian aromatherapy massage at Jiva Spa in St James’ Court

A short walk from St James Park station and you’ll find yourself at the St James’ Court – a Taj Hotel, a decadent and luxurious hotel, which houses the equally luxurious and beautiful Jiva Spa. The spa was created from the collaboration between Taj’s award winning Jiva and the British lifestyle brand Temple Spa. Offering a range of treatments that celebrate ancient and modern healing therapies, along with Eastern and Western wellness rituals. I for sure wanted to explore an eastern massage here.

When I arrived, I was shown to the spa by being led through the hotel and then a beautiful courtyard before heading down some steps to the spa. The concierge who walked me there was very chatty, talking me through the history of the hotel, it all felt very grand!

The spa houses treatment rooms, a vitality pool, a sauna, a steam room and a relaxation area. I was shown to the plush changing rooms and showers and got changed into an organic cotton robe and slippers which were made in India.

The Indian aromatherapy massage started off with a nice and soothing foot bath followed by a one hour body massage. The gorgeous smelling blend of oil used on my body contained ashwagandha and tulsi, which helps in detoxing the body. My therapist Marjorie asked my about any aches and pains, I told her of the tight and tense muscles in my neck and shoulder and she kindly gave this part of my body a lot more attention. The massage was soothing, relaxing and to be honest one of the best massages I’ve experienced.

The massage ended with a soothing head massage. I was so relaxed, I was almost disappointed that I had to leave the room. Marjorie worked her magic so much that I could have just laid there and fallen into a deep sleep. After the treatment Marjorie gifted me a beautiful garland made from tulsi seeds, which was made in India, which respects and protects the divinity in you. It was such a beautiful end to the treatment. All Jiva treatments include the gifting of an Indian garland made from tulsi seeds.

After my treatment I showered and headed to the sauna, where I sat for fifteen minutes, in utter silence, reflecting on my day so far. My mind felt calm and my body relaxed. I very much enjoyed the whole experience, it was luxurious and the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming.

If you have a treatment which lasts 75 minutes or more the spa facilities are free otherwise there is a £79 additional fee, but you can have up to three hours, although I didn’t bring a swimming costume, the vitality pool looked lush! This place is pure luxury and I highly recommend you add a treatment at the Jiva Spa to your to-do list. You won’t be disappointed and our bodies all deserve to be treated from time to time

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Address: St James’ Court – A Taj Hotel, 51 Buckingham, London, SW1E 6AF


Written by Nyla S.

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