Inn the Park: Review

Set in the heart of St James’s Park and overlooking the picturesque lake and iconic London Eye, Inn the Park is the central London oasis and destination for all-day dining this summer. With a menu of signature British dishes, enjoy your morning coffee with a view on the outdoor terrace or kick back on the roof top with a local tipple from Inn the Park’s extensive London craft spirits and ales list.

Can I set the rest of the scene, imagine a hot Sunday afternoon, a beautiful lake, great food, great company and great waiting staff… Can you see it?? Hard to picture in the vastness we call London, but Inn the Park offers just that, amazing food and some of the best service that central London has to offer.

On this sunny Sunday afternoon we opted to eat and chill out because we knew the food was ace and we wouldn’t be disappointed. For starters we opted for 3 dishes from the small plates menu, which were calamari, a prawn and avocado cocktail and buttermilk chicken with homemade coleslaw. I think we need to pause for a slight moment to appreciate this trio, the photos are stunning but the food was even better. Not being a chicken fan I was blow away by the moistness of the butter milk chicken perfectly complimented with a sweet crunchy slaw, the avocado and prawn salad was by far my favourite can I just say try it, actually try all three. Trying to make really good sound amazing with words is a little pants at times, this is just amazing food that you have to try.

Inn the Park

For our mains I opted for a good old Sunday roast with lamb and my friend had the fish and chips, after tasting the food we quickly understood why the two dishes are customers firm favourites. Let me speak about the roast, many people think this is a dish easily done but I have had many a times this dish go horribly wrong and I am sure most of you can sympathise. My lamb was melt in the mouth and I could have eaten a plate of it on its own, but the deep richness of the gravy and the roasted vegetables made me realise why customers all around me were ordering the good old Sunday roast.

Inn the park

The desserts are amazing!!!! Like mouth watering, admire the beauty of the images. I ate the treacle tart with clotted cream and my friend had one of the best Eaton messes we have both tried. My treacle tart was warm and homely and the clotted cream took the edge off the sweetness, it made a lazy Sunday perfect. Can I just add that all the food was so good that writing flouncy words to describe it takes the edge off of what was great food, served in a great restaurant!

Inn the park

The staff, the staff, the staff, the staff!!! Yes for added drama I had to repeat that. Picture this annoying customers shouting that they want a table they didn’t book on a super busy Sunday and staff who were so calm they were like flowing rivers of water and dealt with the issue without any outbursts. Well that is what we saw, for what was a busy day for the team the staff were composed and friendly regardless of who they were serving, its very rare you get amazing staff, amazing views and amazing food under one roof.

With that in mind make sure you use some time this summer to enjoy the wonderful Inn the Park.




Contact: 0207 451 9999

Address: Inn the Park, St Jame’s Park, SW1A 2BJ.