Kundalini Yoga and Sound Therapy at Blakes Hotel

January seems to be a month where some of us tend to focus on wellness, Dry January or veganuary. For me January is all about wellbeing, being kinder to my body, whilst trying to build physical vitality and calm the mind.

When I heard Blakes Hotel was offering a month of sound healing and Kundalini yoga for the month of January, I got myself booked in pretty quickly, this sounded right up my street and the idea of starting off the year with a clear, relaxed and better mind and body filled me with happiness.

Blakes hotel is gorgeous and it felt like a real luxury to attend a Kundalini session here, its luxury at its finest! Specialist guest practitioner Eve Latil led the Kundalini yoga while sound therapist Slavomir Latko played a combination of sounds with the gongs in the room, both practices helps cleanse the body, mind and spirit through the power of your chakras.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” This all helps in increasing your consciousness and building physical vitality.

Eve started off the session by explaining what Kundalini yoga is and what we would get from practising Kundalini yoga. It was the first time I was introduced to such breathing techniques while moving my body. I found it incredibly fascinating and could feel my body open up to receiving. The chanting of Sat Nam felt natural and after the session I could feel how relaxed and stress-free my body and mind was.

We wrote down our intentions for the year, which was then followed by a sound bath led by Slavomir. Before he started we were instructed to lay on our mats, we were given a blanket and we lay there quietly while Slavomir began playing the gongs. The room is filled with gongs, at all different sizes, the sound is incredibly relaxing and your mind and body is instantly transformed into a state of relaxation. I did indeed fall asleep and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. It felt magical and my body felt at peace, I could have stayed there the whole evening learning more about Kundalini yoga. At the end of the class, I asked Eve if she could recommend a couple of different poses in the morning, which I could practice. Even a small practice of Kundalini yoga (five minutes a day) will create greater peace and relaxation, and after my first class I knew Kundalini yoga would now be in my life for the long run.

After the session I booked myself into another Kundalini yoga class and also a private session with Slavomir. you can click on the link here, to read how I got on with my session with Slavomir.

If you would like to join a group sound therapy session or kundalini yoga and sound therapy, it costs £30 per person. For a private session with Slavomir or Eve it costs £80

For booking enquiries please contact [email protected].
The schedule is below, they are both there for the whole of January, so book your session in now before you miss out.

Schedule for January 2019 at Blakes:

Monday (Chinese room) :
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30   6.30pm Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30

Tuesday (Chinese room) :
10.30am Hatha Yoga 60 min, £30

5.30pm  Vinyasa Flow
(8th&22nd of Jan ONLY ) 60 min, £30

6.30pm   Tea Ceremony (15th&29th of Jan ONLY ) 90 min, £20, max 10 people

Wednesday: (Room 005)
10.30am Kundalini Yoga 90 min, £30
6.30pm Kundalini Yoga 90 min, £30

Thursday: (Room 005)
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30 6.30pm Gong Bath (Qi of Gong)  90 min, £30

Friday: (Room 005):
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30
6.30pm Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30

Saturday:  (Room 005)
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30
6.30pm Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30
Sunday:  (Chinese Room)
5.30pm Kundalini Yoga 90 min, £30
7pm Gong Bath (Qi of Gong) 90 min, £30


Address: Blakes Hotel London, 33 Roland Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 3PF, UK

Written by Nyla S.