Mir Therapy with Slavomir Latko

This month Blakes hotel, is working with Slavomir Latko and Eve Latil, bringing you lucky folks a month of Kundalini yoga, sound healing and tailored classes to kick start your January the right way.

Last week I booked in a private session with Slavomir, after attending a Kundalini yoga session with both Slavormir and Eve. I had spoken to him after the session, to ask more about how I could release all this built up tension I felt and bring more clarity into my life. On the right side of my body I also suffer from shoulder and back pain and wondered if there was something he could help with. Slavormir specialises in Daoist wellness learnt in the Wudgang mountains of China under the careful teachings of Master Gu Shiyi.

Slavomir started off the session by asking me what my concerns were about my body and how I felt. He listened carefully and I could feel how he genuinely wanted to help in restoring my body to its natural sate. While I sat there talking to him, with the soothing music playing in the background, I started to instantly feel relaxed, I started breathing at a slower pace and my voice was calm. He started off with a Hawaiian massage, targeting the knots and tension on the right side of my body. Normally when I have a massage I ask them to go easy because of the pain, but with Slavomir I let him massage away, to really get to those knots. Yes it was painful, but it was also necessary and he was the first person I had allowed to massage that deep, I didn’t come to him for a relaxing massage I came to him, so he could heal me of both physical and emotional pain. Slavomir ended the session with a gong bath, where he placed golden bowls on my head and body and I was surround by four large gongs, known for their vibratory healing frequencies.

The sound of a gong stimulates the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind. Within 5 minutes I had drifted off to sleep, my mind and body soaking up the sound. Its a relaxing and peaceful sound, which I enjoyed listening to while I laid there with my eyes close.

I awoke feeling the most relaxed I had felt in the whole of January, but not only physically but mentally I had let go of any stresses of the day. The right side of my body felt less tense, but I knew one session wouldn’t cure me, and so I happily booked in another session with Slavomir, which would include acupuncture, a massage and a gong bath. I cant highly recommend Slavomir enough, he works wonders and I am so happy to have been introduced to him so he can help me on my journey to recovery both mentally and physically.

For a private session with Slavomir it only costs £80 and he will tailor the session to your needs. If you would like to join a group sound therapy session or kundalini yoga and sound therapy, it costs £30 per person.

For booking enquiries please contact [email protected].
The schedule is below, both Eve and Slavomir will be there for the whole of January, so book your session in now before you miss out.

Schedule for January 2019 at Blakes:

Monday (Chinese room) :
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30   6.30pm Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30

Tuesday (Chinese room) :
10.30am Hatha Yoga 60 min, £30

5.30pm  Vinyasa Flow
(8th&22nd of Jan ONLY ) 60 min, £30

6.30pm   Tea Ceremony (15th&29th of Jan ONLY ) 90 min, £20, max 10 people

Wednesday: (Room 005)
10.30am Kundalini Yoga 90 min, £30
6.30pm Kundalini Yoga 90 min, £30

Thursday: (Room 005)
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30 6.30pm Gong Bath (Qi of Gong)  90 min, £30

Friday: (Room 005):
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30
6.30pm Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30

Saturday:  (Room 005)
10.30am Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30
6.30pm Kundalini Yoga + Gongs 90 min, £30
Sunday:  (Chinese Room)
5.30pm Kundalini Yoga 90 min, £30
7pm Gong Bath (Qi of Gong) 90 min, £30


Address: Blakes Hotel London, 33 Roland Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 3PF, UK

Slavomir’s instagram:

Written by Nyla S.