Labdanum, 0% Alcohol Gin Review

What is 0% alcohol Gin? Well if you’re like me I thought it was, though its far from that. Surendran & Bownes ​Edition Zero: Labdanum originally starts of as an alcoholic spirit with each botanical being distilled separately. Afterwards, the alcohol content is removed. This allows Labdanum to   have the same aromatic profile and complexity of gin, but with 0% alcohol content.

The press release states ‘The organic, vegan-friendly and alcohol-free ‘spirit’ broadly adheres to the ‘London Dry’ style, but with added complexity from the use of exotic aromatics more common in perfume making, than gin production. Tonka beans bring a richness to the characteristically juniper-forward nose, while traditional vermouth botanicals gentian (a bitter Alpine herb) and wormwood lend a subtle herbaceous character. Rose water, ​cranberry and orris root add fruity, floral notes, balanced by the woody scents of spices coriander seed, cinnamon, cardamom and clove. The inclusion of labdanum – a rich brown resin sourced from the rockrose shrub and used since ancient times – gives a deep, powerful, amber note’.

Upon opening the bottle, the smell could be easily mistaken for gin. It hits all the right scent notes and is quite alluring. Don’t try drinking this one straight though, Edition Zero: Labdanum is best served as a gin and tonic. Make sure you mix three parts tonic to one part Edition Zero: Labdanum and garnished with star anise. If someone had given this to me without telling me it was 0% alcohol gin, I would have been convinced I was drinking a normal gin and tonic.

Edition Zero: Labdanum will be available to buy exclusively in the nine Borough Wines & Beers shops in London and is priced at £20 for a 50cl bottle. Its a nice alternative for those who are abstaining from alcohol, either all your round or just for dry January.


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Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1