Just this weekend gone I made my way down to see the impressive LexTempus show ‘The greats’ at Aures London in Waterloo, the UK’s first Five Sensory Music Experience.

The show LexTempus is an immersive 90minute sensory docu-musical experience. With the use of modern technology and special effects the audience are given the experience of time traveling back to various states across America during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Each era has its own segment in the show and introduces the groundbreaking music of lead black musicians of that time. Along with the surround sound auditory experience there are a variety of pictures displayed across 3 walls capturing the trials and triumphs of black people in inner cities during those years.

The show really does a good job at taking you on a journey giving a sense of just how blatant the state of social injustices were towards black people and the effects it had. What was inspirational to see was the strength, spirit and creativity that came out of that era, I really got a feel for how relevant and revered the music was at the time and might I add still is to this day.

If that wasn’t enough to be impressed by already there are also dance performances to go along with each era. The performers did a great job at showcasing the moves, trends and fashion of the times. Lastly i’d like to acknowledge that the cocktails were exceptional and the popcorn provided was appreciated .In conclusion I had a thoroughly good time which ended with me even having a dance myself at the end of the show, I would recommend others to go and see the LexTempus at Aura which is available until Spring on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday.

The show launched on the 8th October with tickets priced at £30 as an introductory offer for Black History Month each, with the option to add on three bespoke cocktails for an additional cost. Tickets are available to purchase from LexTempus’ website and Fever Up London. You heard it through the grapevine.