Life, Work and Kids! The Juggle


Fear not I haven’t joined the circus and this is my way for telling everyone. I am talking about life and mostly family life.

Family life is all about that trick of getting the right balance and trying to fit everything in, when in reality you’d need about 36 hours in a day. It’s a fine art trying to get everything done and still having time to enjoy life.

Mornings and evenings for me are hectic, firstly getting up before everyone else and trying to get into the bathroom before anyone wakes up so I’m not late for work. This usually means me getting up at 6.30 and then at around 7 the girls get up and head downstairs for their breakfast. While this is going on Mummy is making their lunchboxes for school. The next act is for me and Mummy to swap so I finish up giving them the last of their breakfast while I make my lunch and have my breakfast all in a matter of 15 minutes.

So far so good, but 7.30 has arrived and that means everyone back upstairs to get the girls dressed for school and preschool. Teeth, hair and avoiding the mess that has been created in the mean time. Luckily Aly is almost 6 so she pretty much gets herself dressed but we still have to brush their teeth and hair.

Now for the final part of me getting ready and bang out the door at 7.50 for work. Easy right? All that lay ahead is the matter of work which flies by and before I know it I’m in the door at 5 and chaos reigns down. With Mummy finishing up making the dinner and the girls running riot (not really) the juggling starts. Luckily Mummy has it under control.

The fun always increases when it’s a bath night, that means dinner generally has to be finished and the washing up done all before 6pm. Then we have the fun and games of a bath and hair wash which tends to mean that the bathroom also gets a wash rather than the girls. Once we’ve sampled the joys of the bath water restaurant we each pick our child and dry and dress them which usually involves lots of tickling and running away.

Now for the calmness to start and it begins with a game, something like Guess Who or dominos. The calmness doesn’t last long but it’s swiftly followed by bed which isn’t as painful as others. A brush of the teeth and Aly reading her school book to all of us and then hugs and kisses before a song…lights out and zzzzzzz. It doesn’t really take them long to get to sleep.

Then quiet…and once again nothing on TV. Nighttime seems to be the quickest part of the day and before you know it it’s morning again.

Darren Coleshill