Lights, Camera (Backyard) Action! The Backyard Cinema chaps return


As a fan of the big screen, I’m taking full advantage of the ‘pop-up cinema’ epidemic that seems to be feasting on London.So far one of my fave offbeat film nights had been hosted by the Backyard Cinema guys (@backyardcinemas). So when I heard they had a weekend films fest coming, I was lured back to the London Fields Brewery for another showing, this time in the form of The Life of Pi. 

For all you folks who haven’t seen Pi, I would totally recommend it. It has got a bit of a twist at the end (I didn’t see until it was explained, then it was obvious), but what sticks out is the vivid colourful cinematography. It is absolutely beautiful, but I won’t spoil it. But the fab film wasn’t the only part that made the evening!

So me being a massive derp thought the film started at 9pm (don’t ask), but it erm actually was 7.30pm. Luckily we were planning to get food before so turned up about 7.15pm. We quickly ordered a cheeky whirly sausage bap from the Cheeky Italian (@Cheeky_Italian) see what I did there, with salsa and rocket, ah delish!!

cheeky italian

To try as much as we possibly could we also ordered ‘The Dude’. A chorizo, parmesan and rocket pizza slice each from The Britalian Job (@britalianjob).

They are made fresh to order, but we were worried we would miss the start of the film! Never fear the Backyard guys bought it in for us, what awesome service! They literally bent over backwards for the guests. I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to the normal flicks! LFB BYC USE (23)

The food was worth the wait. Berjabbers, topped with rocket with a little sprinkle of salt and dash of olive oil, magic! Sadly I couldn’t get a pic as the cinema was ambiently lit.

So after a little intro from BYC’s Dominic it was time to get watching! After our fill of Pi, the ace evening didn’t stop there! Backyard Cinema always have some jammie entertainment up their sleeve. Apparently Saturday night is the biggie, but Sunday was still a cool and super chilled affair surrounded by live jazz music. Beer in hand, balmy summer eve, Sunday night sorted



Again Backyard cinema has put on a great film set, with lush street food and ace people. So much more intimate than your standard cinema experience, I’ll never look back. I got to chat to Dominic from the team (you never chat to the guys at the Odeon do you!?) and he said they just wanted to create a comfy/great food/cracking films/generally awesome cinema experience. So what started in a North London back garden grew into Backyard Cinema. BYC LFB1

The best part is because the guys are so lovely you REALLY want them to do well. Plus its not hard as the guys are totally achieving what they set out to do 

Smashing evening. If you are gunna go to a film screening this summer do it Backyard style.


London Love

Abi G @gollumcrackcorn


BYC camden

The chaps are heading to Camden Lock for their next event, be there or be square. (Or go loads and get square eyes, either way you can be square). Get your hands on some tickets at:


Various dates 25th – 29th August

Almost Famous, Die Hard, Stand by me, Evil Dead 2, Made of Stone, Human Traffic

BYC map

Camden Lock closest tube = Camden Town (Northern line)

London Fields closest trains: Haggerston, Hackney Central (both Overground) & Bethnal Green (Central line)