Lobby Bar At London EDITION Review

The Lobby Bar at London EDITION has created a new cocktail menu ready for the winter season. This menu is inspired by the locations of EDITION hotels worldwide. Drawing inspiration from local culture and characteristics of particular cities, each drinks’ name, ingredients and garnishes contribute to the taste and feel of the law varying geographical areas.

We were able to sample seven cocktails from the new menu. That’s All Folks is inspired by Flat Iron in New York. It comprised Woodford reserve rye, carrot cordial, martini abrato and angostura bitters. Given the title, and that it was garnished with a carrot, we couldn’t help but recall Bugs Bunny and the logo that ended the Loony Tunes show. We thoroughly enjoyed this cocktail.

We then moved across to the glitz and glamour of Abu Dhabi. The Razzle Dazzle featured Ruinart Brut, Funungreek Grey Goose, birch water syrup and citric acid. Served in a champagne flute glass, it bubbled and sparkled, giving it a feel of sophistication and elegance. A sweet drink for all those who love bubbly.

The name of the next one gives the destination of its inspiration away- Miami or Not. This actually translates into ‘so you love me or not’. Sugar cane Belvedere, espresso, passionfruit juice, chocolate bitters and sherbet in grapefruit, lime and orange combine to create a burst of flavour. Due to the coffee and the passionfruit, it is both bitter and sweet.

Now we journeyed to Barcelona to try the Results May Sherry. This was made using punt e mes, manzanilla sherry, cider, Sangria reduction, grape and honey shrub. One of the favourites of the night, it bought back memories of our own travels in Spain.

Journeying to China we tasted two unique cocktails. The first- Sea of Bamboo- was inspired by Shanghai. Ceylon arrak, baboo cordial, double cream and ambrosia were mixed together and garnished with, you guessed it, bamboo. The second was inspired by Sanya, a city on the southern end of China’s Hainan Island. The location explains the name- Private Ocean. It features Plymouth gin, lime juice, banana cordial and mango beer. As one would imagine these ingredients create a strong tropical flavour. The earthenware mug and the garnish helped the drink look tropical.

Onto the Nordic Countries, specifically Iceland, for our final cocktail of the evening. Gnome of The Brave was the most unique of the cocktails this evening, with the cocktail presented in a gnome shaped drinking vessel with a straw through the back of the head. Surprisingly the gnome was quite heavy. It comprised of Abosolu Elyx, anise and red currant syrup, anise tea, whey milk and lemon juice.

Some of the other cocktail options included Health Tax, El Draque, Thyme Swuare and Afternoon Delight.

Located in the heart of London, EDITION is a sleek bar with comfortable seating. As the days are drawing shorter we can travel the world through our taste buds. So which country will you be jetsetting to?

Address: Lobby Bar, London Edition, 10 Berners Street, W1T 3NP


Twitter: @EDITIONHotels

Written by Caitlin Neal