London Denim


It’s a funny thing how denim has become so completely ubiquitous. It’s almost like there are no other options when it comes to trousers. Seriously, on any given evening or weekend (weekdays, mornings and early evenings are the exception being the territory of the worker, most of whom are not allowed/have chosen not to wear denim) look around you, wherever you are. I can more or less guarantee that everyone, almost without exception will be wearing denim or one shade or another. Even if they’re not, I bet the trousers they’re wearing are in a jeans cut, which is to say pockets vertical and often patch, as opposed to angled and sewn into a seam.

So, having establish this fact, which I am sure is common knowledge and the fact that denim has become the material de rigeur over the last century, or so, what does one do when suddenly all your blue jeans (the most classic of colours) have worn through. It’s an odd situation and probably one that doesn’t occur very often, but, nonetheless, I found myself blue denimless a week or two ago and not entirely sure what to do about it.

The obvious thing, of course, I hear you mutter ‘buy some more… duh’, but, this is easier said than done for anyone who is interested in clothes or that most obsessional of material to any degree. It has to be exactly the right fit, wash and ultimately the right brand. Where to turn?

My old favourites Edwin were great but I felt like a change. There are many, many denim brands of repute: APC, Nudie, Acne (yup, really), Denham, Paul Smith Red Ear, Scotch & Soda, G-Star, etc… not to mention the many major labels that have a ‘Jeans’ collection and without even really touching on the world of Japanese denim (considered the best in the world). Eventually, I recalled the hardest wearing, best fitting pair of jeans and where they had come from and turned to that workhorse of prep fashion; Tommy Hilfiger.

Purchasing denim is something that can’t really be done online, for my part anyway and so off I trotted to Regent Street and straight into the fitting room, three pairs of jeans in my hand in three different fits, all in a smart, elegant dark wash. Emerging some minutes later, triumphant, a pair of Hudson slim, straight jeans in hand my issue resolved, I left a happy customer.

Now, this may seem ridiculous and indulgent, but when you think about it, jeans are the staple of everyone’s wardrobe and as such really should be the right fit, size, wash and style. It is from here that most people, certainly men, build their wardrobes and as such it can affect what you wear, day in, day out.

So, I want to know, what kind of denim do you favour? Are you a denim purist and wear only Japanese, selvedge, 16oz denim? Do you opt for the super skinny look or are you more of a classic/relaxed look person? Stone wash, white, black, blue or otherwise what’s your choice?

As with anything it can say a lot about a person, so next time you’re buying jeans, give it some thought and make sure it really is the right denim for you.

Oh and by the way, I’m not saying there are no other choices for trousers; jeans just happen to be a personal favourite and one that almost everyone out there can relate to. I do also love flannels, chinos, wool and more or less any other guise of trouser. Plenty of trouser love to go all round, as it were.

Written by Peter Churchill

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