Looking for a winter date? Get cuffing on Roof East

The cuffing season is now well on its way, with days getting shorter and nights getting colder. Looking for somewhere to take your date? SFG Club, Roof East’s sky high games venue brings you everything from bingo, to beer tasting, retro arcade games and live music. With a festive feel, there will be mulled cocktails, festive live music and Christmas workshops. 

Located opposite Stratford Station and Westfield shopping centre, the rooftop bar plays host to a wide variety of cultural events, performances and community activities.

This winter, Roof East is posing as the ultimate destinations for couples. If you arrive hand-cuffed together couples can redeem a complimentary game of Sliders Curling up until the 30th November 2019. Open until Saturday 21st December 2019.  With lane games such as Sliders Curling, De La Bowl and Puck Buddies, there’s plenty to cuddle up to.

Open Thursday-Saturday (closed Sunday to Wednesday). 

Website: https://sfgclub.com

Written by: Hena Husain