Love Raw’s Chocolate Taste Test

Can ONIN taste the difference between chocolate and Love Raw chocolate? We took their blind taste challenge to find out.

The box contained three Love Raw vegan chocolates and three high street equivalent chocolates. They were individually wrapped and unbranded. The pairings were labelled as A1 and A2, B1 and B2 and C1 and C2. The idea is to taste the chocolates and express your initial reactions and thoughts, determine which one you like best, then opened the sealed envelope to see if you were correct in identifying vegan or non-vegan chocolate. Due to the nature of the challenge, it is not suitable for vegans.

First up was Love Raw nutty choc balls vs a dairy base version. They are a crunchy hazelnut ball with a smooth centre with a crisp wafer shell and coated in Love Raw’s m:lk choc and hazelnut pieces. These balls looked similar size and style when comparing them visually. Before knowing about this challenge, I’d tried Love Raw nutty choc balls earlier in the month with some family members who have dietary requirements and we’d all agreed they were moorish, so I was at an unfair advantage compared to my friend. We thought Love Raw was the darker one which also has more intense hazelnut flavours (A1) than the milkier one (A2).

The next pairing was Love Raw cre&m wafer bar vs a dairy base alternative. These bars looked different with one bar being longer, thinner and more intricate (B1) compared to a darker and smoother bar (B2). Based on sight alone we thought the latter was the Love Raw product. Based on taste, the latter given its dark chocolate gives a slight bitter note so it’s not as sweet as the high street alternative and it also has a bit more crunch.

Last was Love Raw cre&m wafer bar white chocolate vs a white chocolate dairy alternative. The bars looked different with one having thin black stripes (C1) and the other a thicker brown line (C2) and we thought that the longer one would be the high street alternative, but upon tasting them we revised our view. We thought Love Raw’s one was creamier with a nice crunch.

When completed we looked at the results and had been correct with all of them. When looking at the results, the colours and packaging styles of Love Raw is very similar to their non-vegan competitors.

I hope Love Raw continues in its mission to make  ‘legendary kick ass vegan chocolate’. Love Raw chocolates are plant based with no palm oil and no artificial flavours. They don’t compromise on taste or texture and are therefore one of the best vegan chocolate brands out there.

I very much enjoyed all of the vegan chocolate options. I would buy these for myself and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them for family members with dietary needs. My favourite of the three was the butty chocolate balls. For the full range of Love Raw products, see their website.






Written by Caitlin Neal