COOK, an independent, family-owned company  began making and selling homemade, frozen meals and puddings in 1997. They now serve these meals through 94 COOK shops nationwide and on the website
This year they have worked with renowned turkey farmer Paul Kelly to make your Christmas dinner even better. Now I’ve met Paul Kelly and he really does know how to raise the best turkeys that are the must have at this time of year. COOK’s turkeys have been stuffed and rolled by hand in the COOK kitchen in Kent and are already in the freezer. They’re Available to buy on their own, or with all the trimmings, the turkeys available feeds 2,8 or 12 people and with minimal prep time you can spend more time with loved ones this Christmas.

Onin.London were sent one of COOK’s delicious turkeys with all the trimmings to sample and it really did make cooking a breeze. COOK provided timings and tips to ensure I knew exactly when to put food in the oven.

The price also can’t be beaten as for £36.35, you get:

  • Stuffed Turkey Breast for Two
  • Pigs in Blankets
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Roasted Carrots with Orange & Thyme
  • Roast Parsnips with Regato Cheese
  • Brussels Sprouts & Buttered Leeks
  • Turkey Gravy

So while you’re busy ordering, we’ll leave you with COOK’s top TURKEY TIPS 

  • When defrosting, defrost in the fridge as the meat defrosts evenly and at a constant, controlled temperature. The time required is dependent on the size of bird and if it’s been stuffed or not, but note that it could take 1-2 days if you have a big bird!
  • It happens to the best of us, but it’s best to always remove all packaging from the bird before you defrost to help allow air circulation around the bird but do keep it loosely covered when in your fridge. If you don’t you might find it’s still frozen in the middle when you come to cook it. 
  • All COOK’s turkey products come boned, stuffed and rolled by hand. If you are buying a whole bird, make sure you check the cavity for the bag of giblets that sometimes gets popped in there.
  • Never wash your raw turkey, this could cause harmful bacteria to splash and contaminate areas in your kitchen.
  • COOK have a delicious COOK Pork & Apricot Stuffing you can use to stuff your turkey but always remember to wash your hands, equipment and surfaces after handling raw meat. 
  • Follow the instructions on the pack, which should provide guidelines on how to cook based on type of turkey and weight. 
    • Please always make sure the turkey is piping hot, with no hint of redness and juices running clear.