Margarita Inspiration With PATRÓN Tequila

With the rise of the home cocktail hour during lockdown, the Margarita has further cemented its popular status emerging as one of the most searched cocktails online. With International Margarita Day being yesterday, 22nd February, PATRÓN has unveiled further research looking into British drinkers’ cocktail making skills and demonstrating the nation’s thirst to enjoy the perfect Margarita at home. With the launch of its Margarita Perfection campaign, PATRÓN brings together best-in-class tools and partners in response to the growing consumer demand to elevate their cocktail experience, whether home-made or delivered by their favourite bars.

While the OnePoll survey commissioned by PATRÓNshows that the Margarita confirms its top position among the nation’s favourites mixed drinks, it also highlights a need for easy tools and recipes to help consumers hone this classic. Ranking among the top five drinks preferred and made at home by Brits, the Margarita is also considered among the five hardest to prepare and more than 40% of drinkers find it more difficult than other cocktails they have made. Knowledge of the ingredients appears to be a reason – just over 1 in 3 know Tequila is used in a Margarita and 75% can’t prepare it without the help of a detailed recipe. The many existing variants of the Margarita are testament to the versatility of the cocktail, but they also seem to hold consumers from mastering it. To enable consumers to tailor a perfect Margarita experience at home, PATRÓN Margarita Perfection is offeringmultiple platforms:

For the cocktail enthusiasts on the quest of Margaritas perfected by the masters

PATRÓN Margarita Month on The Drinks Drop

Serving the bartending industry that has been serving us, PATRÓN extends its commitment to the trade as per the wider Bacardi portfolio’s initiative #RaiseYourSpirits also on International Margarita Day. Partnering with plenty of bars across the nation and the cocktail delivery platform The Drinks Drop, PATRÓN is making over 30 Margarita twists ready to enjoy at home. Consumers will be able to select their preferred take on the classic and have it delivered straight to their doors while also supporting the venues with PATRÓN donating £1 for each cocktail sale directly to the bar. PATRÓN Margarita Month runs from 15 February.

PATRÓN Margarita Month on the Drinks Drop – £7,50 per cocktail

The Margarita Collection by Ago Perrone & GiorgioBargiani

PATRÓN is partnering with the master mixologists behind the world’s best bar, The Connaught Bar, to provide inspiration on what a perfect Margarita can be. Ago Perrone and Giorgio Bargiani have designed their version of a perfect PATRÓN Margarita, the Omega, featuring new textures for the key flavours of the traditional serve. Listed on the future ‘Of the Moment’ seasonal menu of the celebrated bar, The Omega will also be available for home delivery as part of the “Margarita Collection by Ago Perrone & Giorgio Bargianirunning from 15 February for PATRÓN Margarita Month on The Drinks Drop. A set of three bottled cocktails providing a journey that builds on the notes of PATRÓN Silver, PATRÓN Reposado and PATRÓN Añejo, the collection showcases the versatility of this cocktail. All the sales profits will be donated to the Covid fund of the Drinks Trust in aid of the industry professionals affected by the pandemic.

The Margarita Collection by Ago & Giorgio on the Drinks Drop £35 including three cocktails

For those striving for the perfect ingredients to make a Margarita

PATRÓN Margarita kits from Difford’s Guide

The leading mixology guide and PATRÓN have created bespoke bundled kits with the best ingredients to create 15 Margaritas for just £5 each. Featuring a bottle of PATRÓN Silver tequila 700ml, a 350ml bottle of triple sec, 6 fresh limes, a bottle of agave syrup, Difford’sMargarita Bitters, an easy jigger and two beautiful PATRÓN Margarita coupe glasses, these kits will make sure to keep your Margarita cocktail making skills at home going for a while.

PATRÓN x Difford’s Guide Margarita kits – £74,95 contains ingredients for 15 serves – Available from Wednesday 17 February

For those after the tricks to become their own Margarita makers

PATRÓN Pantry x Margarita Perfection

The PATRÓN Pantry on the UK Amazon Brand Store – the first-of-its-kind cocktail pantry featuring cocktails ingredients bundles, recipes cards and “how to make” videos will receive a Margarita makeover. Simple Margarita recipes and top tips from celebrated PATRÓN Perfectionists winners will show shoppers the tricks of perfecting the serve at home. Whether in its classic version with Silver, in the Reposado variant or in the more contemporary, spicy take, different PATRÓN Margarita recipes will be available for shoppers to select and receive the ingredients of their favourite onewith a click. Follow the advice of Anneliese Grazioli(Australia Perfectionists finalist), Rodolfo Fregoso(Mexico Perfectionists finalist) and Tobias Lindner (Germany Perfectionists finalist) to learn the tricks of home bartending.

Click here to see the videos and recipes of the PATRÓN Pantry x Margarita Perfection

Here’s Onin.London’s favourite recipe


45ml PATRÓN Silver tequila

15ml Premium orange liqueur

15ml Fresh lime juice (freshly squeezed)

7.5ml Agave syrup

Cubed ice

Coupe glass

Lime wedge and rock salt rim (optional) for garnish


If desired, rub lime over half of the rim of a chilled coupe glass and roll in rock salt

Add ice, PATRÓN Silver tequila, premium orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and agave syrup to a shaker. Shake for 15 seconds and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lime wedge