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The Snuggy Review

When 25 year old Jack Griffiths and Joel Pierre from Teesside sold sweets to their friends on the school playground, they could never have predicted the entrepreneurial path they were embarking upon. After years of successful businesses over 15 years, the pair launched Snuggy; a luxury loungewear company now adored by celebrities and influencers across the UK. It’s set to make the friends £10 million in its first five years. Pretty impressive! 

Their biggest seller is their signature oversized Snuggy hoodie – perfect for a winter in lockdown.

“We noticed a growing market trend in loungewear and realised it was something we needed to be a part of,” said Jack. “We thought there was a gap in the market for something new like the Snuggy. 
We went for it and within our first three months we’d sold 5,000 items. 
Since then it’s just grown and grown, we turned over more than £1 million in the first 12 months!”

I’ve been seeing them online for ages and was going to treat myself, so it made me very happy when the company sent me a Snuggy of my own. It’s extremely comfy and warm… perfect for the fact that it’s been super cold lately and it’s upped my lockdown attire game. It really is no wonder The Snuggy has become so popular. The quality is superb and I’m not surprised that my friends and family want their very own.

With the Snuggy Bundle currently in special for £69.99 (22nd February 2021), it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to cosy socks, a hot water bottle and The Snuggy. My favourite is the pink Snuggy but it does come navy, wine red, grey and purple. It’s also available in kid sizes so the whole family can match!

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Written by Tegan LeBon

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