Inspired by the work of an emerging contemporary artist to tell the Martin Miller’s Gin’s story of transformation, ‘The Cumulus’ will be available exclusively during the Global Brand Bartender Danil Nevsky’s guest session at the StART Art Fair on Friday 14 October at The Saatchi Gallery in London.
‘The Cumulus’, a contemporary surrealist art serve inspired by Korean emerging artist Kian84’s “Time 4”.

Martin Miller’s Gin, the world’s most awarded gin brand since 2004, continues its support of emerging art with a new partnership with StART Art Fair (12-16 October 2022.) The partnership will see the launch of the inaugural Martin Miller’s Gin StART Emerging Art Prize 2022 which pursues the brand’s commitment to supporting young and emerging art talent with the support of StART’s expertise. The winner of this year’s prize will receive £5,000 along with the opportunity to have their artwork placed onto a limited-edition bottle of Martin Miller’s Gin, to be launched exclusively at StART Art Fair 2023.

As Official Sponsor of StART Art Fair, Martin Miller’s Gin will open its own branded lounge on-site serving a selection of ‘surreal’ serves created by Global Brand Bartender Danil Nevsky, nodding to the origins of this first ever super-premium gin brand which triggered the gin renaissance when it launched in 1999. Visitors will choose from a selection of serves inspired by contemporary surrealist art and the brand’s story of transformation. The headline serve is The Cumulus.
‘The Cumulus’

The Cumulus is a serve inspired by Korean emerging artist Kian84’s “Time 4”, an artwork with contemporary surrealist undertones. In contemporary art, clouds are integral to exploring dreams, science and emotion; transformative in their very nature. Kian84’s “Time 4” encapsulates this perfectly, as ethereal, melting figures emerge they are met with an explosion of clouds that flare out into the foreground, seamlessly transforming the objects depicted over time and turning sea into sky.

Global Brand Bartender Danil Nevsky comments:
“The Cumulus serve is a spectacle of transformation; an eruption of cotton candy evaporating in seconds into the serve underneath. A nutty, floral and lively cocktail with a delicious finish, The Cumulus truly embodies the transformative concept of madness to genius, a notion integral to Martin Miller’s Gin.”
StART Art Fair takes place, 12-16 October 2022 and ‘The Cumulus’ is exclusively served during Danil Nevsky’s star bartending session on Friday 14 October at 4 – 7 PM at The Saatchi Gallery in London.

How to make The Cumulus:
● 50ml Martin Miller’s Gin
● 10ml Monin White Tea Concentrate
● 15ml Monin Macademia Syrup
● 30ml Lemon Juice
● Pink Candy Floss to garnish
● Add the ingredients to shaker and shake until combined
● Add candy floss to the top a coupe and strain the liquid into the glass