Skewd Kitchen Review

First and foremost, I feel I must make a candid confession. I am an avid fan of Turkish cuisine. If I reminisce on the fond memories of my visits to the country itself.  Then combine that with my different experiences at various eateries in the Green lanes area, I would like to think of myself as a self proclaimed connoisseur of Ottoman delights.

However, to my great shame I’ve never previously had the pleasure of dining at Skewd Kitchen in Cockfosters.  So when the opportunity was presented to sample their new tapas style lunch menu, and having heard such glowing reviews from friendswhom have dined their before.  I was extremely eager to experience their cuisine for myself!

The menu was inspired by Executive chef Maz Demir’s recent travel to Anatolia. With the dishes taken inspiration for the regions produce and culinary traditions, which have been given unique twist to create a contemporary and exciting offering.  

The menu comprises of four sections, with different selections.  Starting with snacks which are a collection of bite size dishes.  Although in my opinion the term ‘snacks’ did not do this delightful palette inception justice.  I was presented with the softest sesame seed and thyme adorned bread accompanied with olives. This was further complimented by the most delicious beetroot tarator, which I must admit was a huge favourite on our table and a must try for all those who visit.

The next stage of the journey was which included an array of grilled and cooked meats.  This included familiar favourites such as Chicken and Lamb shish. Whilst the dishes might be familiar, they were special in their own right.  What was distinctly unique about Skewd’s iteration was that each shish was flavoured with roasted kapya and babaganoush puree.  The meat was tender, succulent, immensely tasty, seasoned to perfection and devilishly moreish.

Once we have traversed land, we set sail on Skewd Kitchen high seas, where there is an exquisite offering of sea food.  I indulged on the octopus with Mediterranean salsa, which was deliciously scrumptious with a light taste. For those who are keen on seafood, you should most certainly embark on this voyage.  

Finally, we head to the garden, which consists of a range of vegetable plates, such as the tomato salad with feta and simit.  I also enjoyed a Melon salad with pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and garnished with molasses. This sweet, refreshing and extremely pleasing.  

I was unashamedly enamoured with this well crafted and appetizing new tapas menu.   I cannot recommend it highly enough.  In addition to all the aforementioned accolades, what is equally impressive is the bespoke elegance of each dish.  There is an individuality, a unique signature , put on each dish, which is patently detectable to the palette.  This undoubtedly sets Skewd Kitchen apart from anywhere else, and if your ever in the North London area, grab some lunch, indulge your senses.  You’re in for a treat!

12 Cockfosters Parade
London – EN4 0BX
T: (+44) 020 8449 7771

written by Morty M.