Meet the Team: Hi Harry


Harry ter Haar 
Blog, website, youtube, twitter, facebook, etc: 
twitter: omsweetomhth
Tell us about yourself and what makes you tick:
I write, act, surf, do yoga, teach yoga and dance (hip hop) – all those things make me tick. I teach yoga to earn a living and I get a lot of satisfaction from that ‘job.’ It’s not really a job though. I have always loved films and theatre and that’s my main passion and I spend most of my time doing something to do with film or theatre, whether writing, acting, watching, meeting friends to discuss it or plan the next production! 

If you had to choose anyone to play you in a movie who would it be and why:
If I was older Ralph Fiennes because he’s so refined and authentic! But at my current age probably Andrew Garfield cos he’s Spiderman.  
How long have you been writing for:
Writing films/scripts etc for about 7 years. Blogs etc for about 2. 

What made you start blogging or writing:
I started writing because I was bored and thought it would make me rich. Turns out it doesn’t, but I’m still holding out. I write either as a form of therapy or as pure entertainment to myself and to hope to entertain others, to laugh a bit. I started blogging really as e-mails to friends about my experiences and they seemed to be quite popular so I started a blog. 

Outside of writing what do you do:
Make films, act, surf, do yoga, teach yoga and dance (hip hop). I also make short videos about places I go to and people I meet. 

What is your favourite place in London and why:
Not sure! Maybe Dance Works because that’s where I go to dance and there are lots of friends there. I used to love Ed’s Diner until last time I went they said they didn’t serve food outside, but didn’t give a reason, I think it was because they couldn’t be bothered. I also love getting coffee at Cafe Vergagno and Bar Italia. I love my sister’s flat because my sister is there. I love Brockwell park and sitting on top of the hill with a can of beer on a summer evening, or doing Yoga up there. 

If you could leave any legacy what would it be:
I’d like to leave behind some children who are happy, healthy, easy going and loving and who are true to themselves no matter what that means. I’d also like to leave behind at least one piece of work, whether a performance or a film, that people said was ‘amazing.’ 

What would you like the world to know about you: 
The above. 
Tell us a weird fact about yourself:
You’ll have to ask someone who knows me to tell you that.