Meet the Team: Hi Martin

Martin Stocks

Name: Martin Stocks
Twitter username: Stocks1986

My main passion is screenwriting and I have written for feature films, Sit-Com pilots and stage plays. I spent most evenings in coffee shops working on my screenplays and my blog. I am also a keen traveler, socializer and at times drinker. I’m regularly planning my next trips and am toying with the idea of traveling Nepal in the near future.

If you had to choose anyone to play you in a movie who would it be and why:

I’d like Paddy Considine to play me as he always offers a unique, powerful and funny performance.

How long have you been writing for:

I’ve been writing for around 7 years. I started with Journalism at University before discovering screenwriting and completing a BA and MA in Screenwriting and Production.

What made you start blogging or writing:

My blog arose as I worked in jobs that didn’t interest me as I pursued my passions and interests. I feel most people can relate to working in a job they don’t like and can enjoy this funny take on office culture. Hopefully the posts take the edge off Monday morning for the readers.

Outside of writing what do you do:

I spend a lot of time meeting with friends, finding cool new meet up venues in and around London. I watch a lot of films, comedy, theatre and love nothing more than exploring London and other cities with my close friends.

What is your favourite place in London and why:

The southbank as there is no where quite like it and there are so many interesting things to see and do. The relaxed and vibrant feel always makes for an interesting walk.

If you could leave any legacy what would it be:

To leave behind a body of work that people can continue to discover and enjoy.

What would you like the world to know about you:

My unique take on life and sense of humour.

Tell us a weird fact about yourself:

I once broke the Oscar statue for Slumdog Millionaire at a screenwriting networking event. It was very embarassing.