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Style Clash

Two sisters, both with very different styles.


So we have chosen to create an outfit each using the same item. After changing our minds a few times we eventually decided on the Iniga Structured Shoulder Blazer from Misguided.


As we know Summer is nearly ending so we thought we’d create a summer style outfit each while we can!


You’ll get to learn that we have very different styles so these posts you will see will be a clash of a rocky/biker chick style with a very girly style.



So first up is B!


Hi everyone!


So we both decided on the structured shoulder blazer in navy to work with in creating an outfit to suit both of our styles.

Now S is the girly girl who loves wearing dresses and then there’s me… B, the girl who doesn’t even own one dress, a skirt or even a pair of high heels!!! I’m more of a leather jacket and Converse sort of girl.

So here’s my outfit with the jacket we chose;

Collage (1)To create this style I used;

Iniga Value Structured Shoulder Blazer In Navy – Misguided – £10.99

Khaki Camo Print Stud Pocket Denim Shorts – River Island – £15.00

Black Wild Souls Crochet Back Vest – New Look – £12.99

Black Metal Plate Lace Up Biker Boots – £64.99 – New Look

Mini Spike Slide Necklace – £7 – Claire’s

As soon as we finally decided on the type of jacket we’d be using I instantly knew that I wanted to style it with, a pair of shorts, but not just a denim pair, a Camouflaged pair.

I love these type of shorts, the studs on them give them that extra ‘rocky’ look which is what I was aiming for.

I then decided I wanted a vest to go with it and as soon I saw this Wild Souls Vest I knew it was the right one.

For the footwear I knew biker boots would work perfectly to complement the look. Although the vision was there, it was very hard trying to find the right type biker boots…But after a lot of patience and perseverance I found the perfect pair. With hints of gold in the mainly black boot, it helped me bring the outfit together.

Of course I had to have some type of accessory to complete the look, I decided on a spiked gold necklace from Claire’s… stand out outfit complete!

Next is S!

So of course, the outfit I created by using the blazer is completely the opposite to B’s.

Here’s mine;

OutfitWhat I used;

Iniga Structured Blazer Jacket – £10.99 – Misguided

Chi Chi Veta Dress – £34.99 – Chi Chi

Rees 2 Part Hi Sandals – £62 – Topshop

Mini Heart Pendant Necklace – £4.50 – Claire’s

Crystal Row Hair Clips – £7 – Claire’s

This is something I’d be more likely to wear for a night out or a date on those warm Summer nights.

The dress which was chosen after we had decided on the blazer is a cute, girly little number. I love the silver patterned band around the waist which accentuates the chest and creates either an ‘hourglass’ or an ‘A’ figure, both are very flattering. The band also influenced me in picking the shoes, luckily I found the perfect colour match!

Next accessories. I am a huge fan of hair accessories but for this outfit I wanted to keep it simple, so I went for hairs clips . As B, I wanted to add a necklace to complete my look. Surprisingly I ended up finding the complimentary necklace in Claire’s.

Girly cute outfit complete!

So there’s our looks!!! Which one do you like?

S & B x