Meet up with your friends with a BBQ Meat bundle from 44 foods

We finally have the green light to start mingling outdoors again, which means people across the country will be welcoming loved ones into their gardens again for the quintessentially British Barbecue. To make sure everyone is prepared, 44 foods have two BBQ bundles, perfect for a post-lockdown gathering, all delivered straight to your door.

The Medium BBQ Meat Bundle includes the BBQ staples of burgers, sausages, lamb and chicken kebabs, chicken wings and pork ribs. Priced at £23.00

The Large BBQ Meat Bundle includes all of the above plus two 21 Day Matured Scotch Rump Steaks and two scotch beef burgers. Priced at £45.00 

We received the Large BBQ Meat bundle to try at home, we opened the box to be greeted with an exciting range of different meats. The kebabs and the chicken wings came already marinated which was a great surprise, meaning no need to marinate and wait until the next day, we got to cook the meat immediately. We put the BBQ on in the garden and cooked up a variety of different dishes: hotdogs, burgers, chicken wings, kebabs in flatbreads along with corn on the cob (we added the corn). We saved the steaks for the following day, which we enjoyed with a couple glasses of red wine indoors. You will find great quality meat, which makes these bundles great value and it takes all the stress out of going to the supermarket and buying a variety of different meats.

The produce at 44 foods is not only fairly priced, but the farmers and producers that make up the collective are passionate about ethically produced, sustainable food. You can rest assured your BBQ will be restaurant quality produce with the peace of mind that the food has come direct from the producer. 

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Written by Nyla S.