Prezzo Black Pizza Masterclass Review

Prezzo is set to introduce Black Pizzas to their hot new April Menu and what better way to find out all about these creations, than at a Pizza Masterclass with Prezzo’s head chef, Paul Lewis. Influenced heavily by the current fad of adding activated charcoal to food, Paul was inspired to create Black Pizza. Expect these in store when they hit the menu in April 2018.To start the masterclass with we learned about the history of Pizza, which is quite interesting but I won’t bore you dear readers with a history lesson. Next it came time to making our dough balls using activated charcoal, flour, yeast, sugar, water and salt. Despite how messy this process was, it was a lot of fun kneading and feeling the dough come to life.

As the dough takes 36 hours to do its thing, we were then provided with fresh dough and learned how to stretch, twirl and create the perfect pizza base. Making a pizza from scratch is hard work! I take my hat off to pizza chefs all around the world – you deserve a round of applause.

Next came the toppings and into the oven. The two toppings available at Prezzo this April will be:


The Etna – with a garlic chilli and tomato base, topped with calabrese sausage, pepperoni, roquito chilli pearls, rocket and mozzarella.

The Monte Bianco – with a béchamel sauce base, topped with fresh mozzarella, truffle infused oil and rocket.

Now both were fantastic, but it was The Etna that had us going gaga! It was hands down the favourite of our small group. I’m going to brag and say I definitely won best pizza topper! My pizza was utter perfection. (Just look at the smile on my face as I proudly show it off.)

My lucky plus one and I had an absolute ball in Prezzo’s trainee kitchen learning the art of great pizza and what makes Black Pizza so special. We even left the class with our beautiful looking pizzas boxed up and a gift bag containing our own ingredients so we could attempt to make black pizzas at home. Not sure how they’ll turn out without the watchful eyes and talent from Prezzo’s chef… but we’ll give it a go.

Black Pizzas can be purchased in April 2018 and they’re a game changer.




Written by Tegan LeBon