Moonshine Review

When you think cocktail bars, you usually think elegant and pricey. For me, I like the chance to shake things up a little. Step away from the traditional and try something unique and full of fun! Moonshine Saloon brings all of that and more!

The Wild West theme is something I had yet to experience here in London. I have a love for themes and getting the chance to dress up and play along. Although my improvisational skills are lacking, the staff at Moonshine Saloon however, are not.

We were ushered in to the bar upon payment of a bottle of liquor and given our attire for the evening by the local tailor, which was inclusive of a shirt, hat and scarf. We were told by the King of Moonshiners about his undercover operation and told to keep it on the down-low.

The effort people go to, to ensure you are totally transformed into that era of time is remarkable. Whilst sipping on cocktails brought to you by your personal mixologists, the evening is filled with laughter games and a sneak-peak into the behind scene of the moonshine operation. If you’re lucky enough you may even get a chance to sample some. But be warned, the Sheriff is in town and things can get dirty real fast.

During the press preview we tried numerous cocktails made with Colonsay Gin  and The Duppy Share Rum alongside a selection of whiskies including highland single grain Scotch whisky, Borders. They were delicious.

Ensure to play along with the actors for a memorable evening. An immersive cocktail bar is as fun as you allow it to be. For me, it is one I will be talking about for years to come in my London Adventure stories.

Choose your friends wisely and gather your table of 4 and a bottle for all, make your booking today!


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Written by Bec Brodie