Review: Caffé Caldesi

I felt like I had spent a night in the upper-class part of Italy. The several Italian sounding accents from staff added more to the colourful theme of this restaurant, but many of the people coming in for dinner wore several business suits which made me and my guest feel very underdressed!

A young gentleman working as a waitress was incredibly charming and completely warmed me over with the delicious tasting cocktail he prepared for me! I wish I asked for the name or ingredients of it; I just asked him to make me anything not too strong due to my very large sweet tooth.


The cocktails went down a treat with the olives accompanied as an appetiser.

I couldn’t help but continuously look around and explore the interestingly built building based by Oxford Circus. The Kimbo Coffee Embassy located at Caffé Caldesi had a lot of Italian history not only with the food, but culture.

I was recommended for my main one of their best crowned dishes; the lasagne. Lasagne is in fact of my favourite dishes that I’ve shockingly not eaten at an Italian restaurant before. I ordered it with a side of potatoes and it’s a good thing I did as there was A LOT of cheese.


The cheese smothered into the lasagne had a lovely rich taste but there was too much of it. So much so that I could hardly find the meat in the bolognaise.

This meal was certainly made from scratch which I always highly appreciate – fresh food and the effort put into it by the chefs. The flavours could have been taken up a notch considering this restaurant is based in the heart of Central London, and a standard 3 course meal is no less than £55.

What I also looked forward to trying was their famous Italian coffee. I’ve probably had a cup of coffee five times this year. I’ve always heard that Italian coffee is gorgeous and my latte hit the spot perfectly. After chucking in 5 brown sugars (believe I’m a sweet tooth now?) and mixing with the creamy warm drink, I realised that an Italian latte from Caffé Caldesi is the perfect way to end a pleasant evening.


Also enjoyed having a chat with manager Luca as we were about to leave. It’s always nice gaining a bit of history and plans of a restaurant that attracts so many diners.

Staff were kind to me, although quite distant at times when asking for desert, which we gave up on trying due to no waiter coming to us. We also heard from a fellow diner, that waiters have bad attention when offering additional services.

Perhaps more waiters? Thank you for a pleasant evening Caffé Caldesi, and for such a pleasant evening away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I may return again for a date one day. Ciao Bella!


Twitter: @caffecaldesi

118 Marylebone Lane


London W1U 2QF

Written by Hannah Ajala / @hannah_ajala /