New Opening: Peony at Opium Chinatown Cocktail Bar & Dim Sum


Nestled deep within the labyrinthine Opium in London’s bustling Chinatown, Peony infuses refined elegance with eccentric charm. Exceptionally crafted cocktails are the order of the evening with an intriguing array of shared libations to be enjoyed alongside a selection of handmade Dim Sum,  delivered with meticulous, yet unstarched customer service, ensuring Peony a place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike – a must see for those looking to explore London’s famous Soho.

Still paying kitschy homage to the quirks of Chinese culture, the original Opium ethos has remained central to the evolution of the Peony concept and provides the foundation of the ambience of the space. Combining Opium’s effortless cool with added luxurious gloss, Peony is the West End glamour to Opium’s Shoreditch chic.

Peony is hosted by Rasa Gaidelyte, a passionate young bartender who, along with her expertise brings an infectious charisma, warm charm and a true enthusiasm to her craft, ensuring all guests leave happy. Rasa has developed a unique menu which has taken inspiration from the Peony flower, Chinese culture and cuisine with added quirks including innovative sharing vessels.

Website: www.peonychinatown.comTwitter: @peonychinatown; Facebook: /peonychinatown

Peony at Opium Cocktail Bar and Dim Sum

The Jade Door, 15-16 Gerrard Street



0207 734 7276

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