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NIP+FAB: Beauty Review

NIP+FAB have been a much loved brand for about five years now. I have tried a couple of body butters and a face mask in the past and been very impressed, so was very excited when I was invited to the NIP+FAB HQ the other day. I had the privilege of meeting the founder of the brand, Maria Hatzistefanis who was so lovely. She was very friendly and down-to-earth and so passionate about the brand. I was very kindly given a goody bag at the event, and have also received three additional products since. I don’t often blog about goody bags, but I have completely fallen in love with EVERY product from NIP+FAB so I absolutely had to share them all with you. I was also given a facial scrub from the brand new NIP+MAN range for my boyfriend. Despite not being one for tonnes of products, he absolutely loves the scrub and he keeps asking whether the rest of the range has launched yet, as he wants to own the rest of the range! I have been enjoying:

  • Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe
  • Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask
  • Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix
  • Frown Fix
  • Glycolic Serum
  • Body Slim Fix

I have to admit that I was pretty scared about trying the Bee Sting range to start with. I’m someone who has very reactive and sensitive skin, and the name sounded quite aggressive so I was convinced I was going to end up with very sore skin. To my absolute delight, this pair of products work perfectly on my delicate skin and are much more friendly than they sound. Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe is an anti-ageing moisturiser designed to be used morning and night, which contains bee venom (don’t use if you’re allergic to bee stings!) and wheat proteins to help plump and tighten the appearance of the skin. It has a lovely texture that is absorbed easily and leaves your skin feeling very nourished. I personally prefer using it as a night cream, as I have quite oily skin so prefer to wear just one incredibly light product under my make-up.  It costs £19.95 for 50ml which I think is very reasonable considering the ingredients! Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask has quickly become another favourite of mine – I love using it once a week to help energise my tired-looking skin. It has a clear gel-like consistency. It is also a favourite of the brand’s new celebrity ambassador, Millie Mackintosh, so I’m hoping that I shall look like her within the next few weeks! The mask costs £9.95 for 50ml and lasts quite a long time so you’ll get your money’s worth!


Whilst I’m on the topic of scary-sounding products, I shall introduce you to the Viper Venom range! The Viper Venom products focus on wrinkles rather than firming and plumping the skin. The Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix feels really odd when you first apply it. It is super sticky and feels like a face mask rather than a product you’re planning to keep on your face for hours on end. Don’t stress though, after just a few moments the product will be absorbed into the skin and leave you with really gorgeous-looking skin without even a hint of tackiness. The look it produces is hard to describe as it mattifies overly oily parts of your face, but also leaves a very subtle glow to your skin (and I mean ‘glow’, not a shiny greasy look!). To touch, the skin feels completely bare, as if there is no product there at all. I have been using this product for make-up free days at home to give my skin a real treat. It makes your skin looks so healthy that I haven’t felt embarrassed when greeting the postman  or when popping out for a quick run/walk! The Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix costs £19.95 for 40ml and I am definitely going to repurchase it once I have finished my tube.


Next up we have Glycolic Fix Serum from the Glycolic range and Frown Fix. The Glycolic range aims to help blocked pores and brighten the skin, so I decided to try the Glycolic Fix Serum as it sounded like the most ‘active’ of the range. It is an overnight serum containing 4% glycolic acid to retexture the skin’s appearance and reduce pore size. It is definitely a product for night time use, as it’s really rather heavy, but I’m sure it’s improved the appearance of my skin. When I wake up after using this serum, my skin looks really healthy and smooth. I’m not sure whether it’s managed to reduce the size of my pores yet, but I love what my skin looks like the following morning, so I’m going to continue to use it and shall update you in a later post! Glycolic Fix Serum costs £14.95 for 30ml. Although I’m in my twenties, I have fine lines across my forehead so was keen to try the Frown Fix. The packaging resembles that of YSL’s Touche Eclat, with a twist base and a brush top. The idea is to apply a little Frown Fix to the problem area, which means that very little product is required per application. The product works within ten minutes and is designed to hide fine lines and wrinkles temporarily. For me, The product does seem to disguise my fine lines – it doesn’t get rid of them completely, but their appearance is definitely softened. Frown Fix costs £10.25 for 4ml.


I have also been absolutely loving Body Slim Fix, which is a toning body moisturiser. I really love the smell of this product – I can’t really describe it, but I really love it. As the consistency is half gel, half cream, the product feels a little tacky when it’s first applied, but absorbs fully in a matter of about two minutes. I think fast absorption is a really important factor in body products, because nobody wants to struggle to squeeze into their skinny jeans in the morning (any more than they have to)! I’m not sure if I’m looking any firmer or slimmer, but it certainly makes me feel like I am. I’m sure the product also makes my skin look healthier too, in a similar fashion to the Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix. Again, a product I am definitely going to repurchase after I have finished this one. Body Slim Fix costs £14.95 for 200ml. NIP+FAB is a very impressive brand that I am obsessed with at the moment (I’m desperate to try ALL the products they have, quite honestly!) and have recently launched a number of exciting new products. They are available just about everywhere, but you can view information on all of their products on their website HERE. (Standard delivery is free). Which are your favourite NIP+FAB products? Which product should I try next? By Lottie Pearce

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