Non- Val Things to do this month

The month of February; the month of love and romance? The month to get fit after failing on pursuing the new year’s resolution? Or rather, the month to make the most out of the vibrant capital that is London. 

Here are a diverse list of events to explore in one of the busiest cities:

1) Through the recent acknowledgment and uprrise of black cinema portraying images of slavery (eg. 12 years a slave), Rivington Street’s art gallery has opened an exhibition named ‘When Harmony went to Hell: Congo dialogues’, an exhibition based in East London, just beside Shoreditch High Street station. Rivington Place’ website describes the exhibition as “…pioneering photos publicly exposed the violent consequences of human rights abuses at the turn of the century, and are exhibited alongside newly commissioned work from acclaimed artist Sammy Baloji”

A must-see exhibition that runs throughout the month of February until the 7th March 2014

Rivington Place: 1 Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA


2) Bit overwhelmed with all of the sights on the busy streets? Keep it simple and kick back to some luxurious coffee in the snazzy area that is Soho. TAP coffee has its third branch based in London, and is a popular and spacious relaxing place to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee (or two) with just about anyone

TAP coffee: 193 Wardour Street, W17 8ZF. Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road

3) As Winter is in full throttle and a majority of us Londoners wake up grumpy and are usually in the mood for a greasy fry up, would not chuck a couple pounds in to get one of the tastiest breakfasts in Hackney? Dalston’s red art cafe are known for their delicious selection of continental breakfasts accompanied by tea/coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice as a set meal. Eat, drink, enjoy.

Red art cafe: 113 Kingsland High Stret, London E8 2PB


4) Saturday night is the new Friday night. The streets of London are filled with people looking for a great night with a great venue and great drinks. Look no further than free entry bar and club, b@1. Based all over London, my favourite venue has to be due to the recent visit I had in Old Street’s branch. I didn’t anticipate such a great night and must say that it felt like such a great relief dancing to all genres of music with the swankiest cocktails at hand. Every Saturday night is worth the slight hangover the next morning! Check it out

B@1: 1 Old Street, London EC1V 9HL

Enjoy what February has to offer as it is a month you have to wait a whole year for!

By Hannah Ajala