OSU apple cider vinegar launches the first ever cooking and fitness class

You no longer need to exercise at home solo, gyms are back open again and we couldn’t be any more excited! But it gets so much better… Fancy a HIIT and cooking class at the same time?

OSU apple cider vinegar has launched the UK’s first workout class that fuses cooking and fitness. The CICC-ASS Workout (Completely Intensive Cooking Class) – guarantees to get your heart rate up with rapid fire supersets paired with active cooking of healthy drinks and breakfast dishes using OSU apple cider vinegar. How does that work I hear you cry?

The studio is lined with bar carts with food and drink ingredients, including OSU apple cider vinegar, pick your bar and wait for the music to start pumping and the HIIT class to begin!

During the class you will stop exercising to mix and shake – creating two drinks which includes OSU apple cider vinegar! And when I mean stop, that’s not entirely true, you’ll make your drinks while doing lunges to get to the drinks station. While making your breakfast dish, it will entail a little exercise too. This is multi-tasking at it’s best. The class is full of fun and once you’ve built up a sweat, you’ll be rewarded with the smashed avocado & prawn toast you made in the class. What’s not to love!

Incorporating apple cider vinegar into your daily routine will compliment your long-term wellbeing, something the Japanese have been doing for centuries and still do today.

The 30-minute CICC-ASS workout classes are charged at £5 only, taking place at FLY LDN for 3 more weeks, to book your ticket, click here.

For further information on OSU apple cider vinegar visit:

Come hungry and full of energy, this is going to be a workout like no other!