Seep Review

One of my friends always gets excited about nee sponges and is obsessed with Mrs Hinge. Well now there’s every reason to get excited with the fantastic, and long awaited, launch of Seep – a range of biodegradable household essentials that are gentle on the planet, pleasing on the eye (so much so, you’ll want to show them off). But most importantly… they do actually work! Just like advertised! 

The new Seep range consists of sponges, cloths and bin liners. All of the products are plastic free and compostable, they look good and can be machine washed for longevity. Perfect because I hate chucking out sponges when they get a bit dirty. It seems like such a waste.

We were sent some of the new Seep Range and were really pleased but the quality. They look and feel great. We’re also impressed with the prices. The Seep Sponge with Loofah Scourer retails at the £8.50 for a pack of 4, 

With over 80% of common sponges being made from virgin plastic, which can’t be recycled and with estimates that a massive 600 million sponges are thrown out every year in the UK, it was a no brainer for Seep to offer an alternative. The Seep sponge is 100% compostable, when it has reached its lifecycle (typically one month), the entire sponge can be placed in a kitchen composter or garden compost bin where it will naturally start to break down.

All Seep products are available at or via Amazon.