Pam Ann Leicester Square Theatre

The worlds favourite International Air Hostess, Pam Ann is back in the UK at the Leicester Square Theatre.  A word of caution – this is not for the faint hearted and quite frankly Pam Ann should come with a health warning.  The flyer describes the ‘Queen of the Sky’ as hilarious, often shocking and totally politically incorrect.

Pam Ann 2015 3 CREDIT JAMES AND JAMESPam Ann’s spontaneity should be revered.  During Saturday’s performance she wasted no time in ejecting a first class passenger from the performance for less than satisfactory behavior – definitely living up to the promise of keeping this lively and nail bitingly unpredictable.

The Times puts her up there with Joan Rivers for spontaneity, the independent describes her as a delicious comic creation and the telegraph describe the show as like being held hostage on a plane filled with laughing gas.   She reminded me of Mrs Judge, the deputy head mistress of my secondary school who would describe gaggles of pupils as useless piles of rubble. We all had a teacher that clearly hated children and from what I could ascertain, children definitely do not appear on Pam Anns list of favourites!

Throughout the show my head could be found residing in my hand as I found myself laughing hysterically at jokes most of society would deem offensive.  Pam Ann simply takes no prisoners – no race, gender, sexual orientation or world tragedy eligible for a get out of jail free card.


This show is most definitely not for the sensitive and please do not attend if you are easily offended or anally retentive as THIS SHOW CONTAINS JOKES THAT SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND OFFENSIVE

Just up your street then check out Pam Ann’s 6 week run at:

Leicester Square Theatre

6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX


Get to know Pam Ann at:

Facebook: /PamAnnAirHostess

Instagram: @PamAnnWantsAGram

Twitter: @PamAnnAirBitch



Reviewed by Monica Imbert | | Twitter: @FuzzyMonzStar | | Insta: fuzzymonzstar