Pick Your Battles

Having children is both rewarding and at times frustrating. Everyday I am left amazed by the girls, the things Aly comes out with is amazing and I’m sure I wasn’t as clever as her at the age of 6. She seems to just love learning and I hope that never disappears. When it comes to Mia she has us wrapped round her little fingers and can generally get away with anything.

99.9% of the time the girls are the most amazing children could ever wish for. During their little lives we on a whole have had it easy…have they ever had a problem with sleeping? No not really, teething? Again not really anything to write home about. They both seemed to cope with chickenpox without too much drama, going on a plane…no stress. I could go on but then people would stop reading.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Even with our girls there are still times when they frustrate me, Mrs OD3G is often the calmer one of us and some of the wisest words she’s ever told me is ‘pick your battles’. This pretty much sums up parenting, it’s no good telling them ‘don’t do this’ ‘stop doing that’ and often it is hard but I am slowly learning that it’s about picking the right battle. At times they will have to learn to make mistakes and learn that if they do something wrong they will have to face the consequences.

One thing is often wearing a coat or different shoes and often I’ll ask them to change them or wear different ones…but what is the point? What will actually happen? Nothing so why pick a fight on that one?

I have two amazing and beautiful girls who are 3 years apart in age meaning when Aly is 21 Mia will be 18…now that is  when I really will have my battles.

By Darren Coleshill