How to bump up your holiday allowance

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The worse your job the less holiday days you will receive. The legal minimum for full time workers is 28, which after bank holidays is more like 20.


If your pay is accrued by days worked, your holiday allowance should be too. My company are breaking employment law on this one and only give holiday allowance for complete months worked. So everyone who joined part way through a month accrued no holiday days for working that month. I’ve threatened Union action and they’ve reluctantly admitted their “error” and given everyone the correct amount of holiday.


However, as a result of my Manager’s hire ‘em fire ‘em policy we’re so short staffed that I can’t take my extra holiday until he recruits. I’ve threatened to leave to add to the crisis.


When on annual leave, text your Manager to book the next day off too. If he refuses say “Well in that case I’m sick then”. If allowed tell him you’ll book it officially on your system when back in your office. Become so “busy” on your return that you forget. If your Manager asks you to do this, claim the system’s down until he forgets.


Bump up your meagre holiday allowance with some well-timed sick days. Don’t waste your 5 paid sick days on genuine illness as you’ll feel crap at home too. You want to be able to enjoy your sick days. 


Always stay off for an extra day after several days on holiday. Tell your Manager you can’t work effectively when jet lagged. “But you didn’t leave the country”. Respond with, “I can’t discuss this any further as I’ve some minor errands to run.” Hang up, turn your phone off and enjoy your extra day off.

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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986


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