Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop Review

IMG_5612Handmade Mysteries have outdone themselves with Poppa Plock’s Wonky WorkShop. It’s their second Escape Room. Their first is LADY CHASTITY’S RESERVE which is now at two different locations in London. An equally great Escape Room where you’re one goal is to try release a bottle of wine out of a cupboard. For those that have completed that game, there are lots of hidden Easter Eggs in Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop to listen and look out.

Greeted by Wynne a strangely attractive wooden soldier character at The Depot Pub, you are instantly immersed in the game. Wynne holds the key to Poppa Plock’s workshop. This workshop is filled with twisted toys and crazy contraptions. He tells the sad story of Poppa Plock’s demise and you’re asked to help fulfil Poppa Plock’s legacy by building ‘Roy’, the finest toy to ever walk the earth. This game is for adults of 18 and over, as it does contain bizarre moments that deliver a few shocks and crude humour.Copy of IC1A0387.MOV.02_25_16_23.Still003

Our team of six spent an hour laughing, solving and running around like lunatics trying to build Roy. It was a lot of fun and we managed to complete our task in 52 minutes and 24 seconds and with two helps. While I won’t give our readers spoilers on solving the game, I will say this escape room relies on logic and actually listening to the characters and reading the story when you’re in the game. This was our downfall as I feel we could have solved the game a lot quicker if we’d just listened to these helpful little subtle hints. Sometimes the simplest answer which you don’t think of is the right one. I actually think we used one of our hints, asking for help to what became one of the simplest tasks in the end.

Poppa Plonks is one hour of full immersive, clue solving and team building fun. Our ONIN.London team absolutely loved it. Hand Made Mysteries have definitely created another winner. It’s a 5 star game and we can’t wait to see what their next Escape Room creation.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1

Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop

The Depot Pub

1 Carpenter’s Mews, North Road, London, N7 9EF

5 minutes from Caledonian Road tube, one stop from Kings Cross station. Parking available.