Prosecco House Review

On the 23rd of  February 2018 ​Prosecco House​, London’s first bar dedicated to prosecco opened at One Tower Bridge. This stunning bar was a bit hard to find, so my advice search for Bridge Theatre in your GPS and it’s just around the corner from there.

The bar stocks Prosecco DOCG, the premium prosecco from Veneto and prosecco from five wineries, Marchiori, Rivalta, Cirotto, TASI Bio and Andreola. Prices for a glass of prosecco start at £7.50 and bottles starting from £38. Size wise, expect standard, magnums and jeroboams (massive 3L bottles). Price wise, the glasses are a little bit more expensive that you regular glass of prosecco, however, these are definitely premium bottles.

During the press launch, we enjoyed trying the different glasses of the pretty much the entire range and t was perfection. Though it was a bit weird drinking out of wine glasses, rather than prosecco glasses. This did help slow us down and help us really enjoy what we were drinking.

Going by the taste of the canapes we tried on the night, the selection of food pairings available to purchase, will be amazing. The ​Salami Lovison, Prosciutto, Gorgonzola and Ricotta with sundried tomatoes and Italian pickled artichoke were absolutely fabulous. Here’s hoping they put the honey, fig and Brie crackers on the menu – I think I ate my body weight in these bad boys.

We didn’t get to try any of the Prosecco House Signature prosecco cocktails on the night, but we’re looking forward to visiting again to check these out. This is somewhere to meet the girls or a first date over a quiet drink to start the night with. It’s an intimate, classy and dimly lit venue, where I’m sure you’ll be quite happy to sit with a bottle of prosecco for a couple of hours enjoying good company.

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​Prosecco House,

1 Crown Square

One Tower Bridge

London, SE1 2SE

Social Media:@proseccohouse

Written by Tegan LeBon