Maggie Paterson, Ballet and Yoga teacher and Co-founder of Sunsetbay Retreats (, gives her tips to stay balance across summer:


Morning Movement

I always start my day moving my body – depending on how I feel, I can start the day with a deep stretching practise or just slow movement to wake up the body. Being a ballet and yoga teacher, movement has always been an integral part of my life which has helped me maintain a youthful body appearance and stayed balanced! 


Walking is the most ancient exercise and still the best. It offers numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels, it’s free and easy to fit into any daily routine. When I feel unbalanced or stressed, I make sure to pause and have a walk in nature to reset.

Spend time in nature

I live between London and Tywyn, a little gem in Wales surrounded by nature, where Sunsetbay Retreats is based. It’s vital for me to alternate between city life and nature – life as I can recharge and relax whilst surrounded by nature. If I’m in London, I always make sure to have a walk in the park or spend some time in nature! 

Explore Sound Therapy

Sound therapy and vibrational healing produces harmonious frequencies that help clear energetic blocks and promote flow and harmony within the mind, body, and soul. I make sure to get at least a Sound Bath every fortnight and its a must activity for all Sunsetbay Retreats.

Eat local food

We’re what we eat, and it’s vital to eat nourishing and ideally locally sourced food to keep our body healthy and in balanced. Tywyn offers every type of food as you can forage, garden and fish.

Find your community

Relationships are a strong pillar to find balance and it’s so important to surround yourself by the right people, which can be there for you if you’re struggling or going thought a bad moment in your life.

Keep laughing 

Laughing increases the endorphins in the brain and keep you healthy. Sometime we do take life too seriously so I always find a good laugh to bring me back to balance and to the most important things.