Quitter’s Day is Approaching!

With Quitter’s Day fast approaching and in a time where people are considering giving up their goals, leading health and wellness company Juice Plus+ has conducted research showing that after a turbulent and unpredictable 2020, 32% of Brits have revealed that their 2021 goal is simply to make the most of their life this year. 

32% of respondents are focusing more on mental health and wellness this coming year, with 27% vowing to concentrate more on their overall happiness and 21% committed to bettering themselves in lieu of a tough 2020. 

With 37% of people claiming they fail to achieve their goals because they are too big or drastic, and with Quitter’s Day just around the corner, Juice Plus+ is inspiring Brits not to quit, by making one simple change and literally crushing the country’s top goal this year!

Behavioural psychologist Honey Langcaster-James has also provided top tips to help to achieve new year’s goals, at a time when it might feel like they’re slipping away.

  • Keep things simple: Setting yourself a goal that is too complicated, blurred or nuanced will only lead to ambiguity and confusion when it comes to your goal-related behaviours. Keep things simple by setting yourself goals that are clear and uncomplicated. 

  • Don’t stray too far outside of your comfort zone: Making small changes and shifts to your lifestyle is much easier to adapt to than doing things in a drastically different way. So whatever your goal is, start by making one simple change and making sure that becomes habitual before setting out to adopt another. 

  • Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up: If you have an off-day or something de-rails you from your goals, don’t give up entirely or berate yourself. Reflect on where things went wrong and see it as a learning opportunity, then get back on track with your new lessons learned. 

  • Get support: It’s always easier to achieve your goals if you have support from others. It can be helpful to declare your goals to people who care about you so they can be a support, but it’s also helpful to try to achieve a goal, such as running a marathon for example, if you have a training buddy. Even a weekly phone chat with someone who can cheer-lead for you can help. 

  • Think about why you have your goal: Understanding why you want to achieve your goal and how things will be better for you can help you to stay motivated. So if your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle think about why that is and what a healthier lifestyle can actually do for you. 

  • Find a role model: Finding others who are achieving what you are setting out to achieve can be motivating and inspiring. You can learn from them by following their routines and learning from their mistakes. Ultimately, if you see someone else achieving a goal, it means you can too, and that will keep you going when things are challenging. 

  • Keep it realistic: Setting yourself a goal that is achievable and realistic is far better than setting yourself an unattainable goal that is just too big to achieve. It will make sure you stay motivated and you can always achieve your goal and then go bigger next time!