Rave Diaries Part IV


My quest for London’s best rave has taken a 12 month break while we have been in the hell that is the final year of an engineering degree. However thank my lucky stars I’m back in Londontown and the search has been reignited!

Last Friday it was time to hit rave IV, destination Plan B Brixton. Run by the guys at Tetra State we were promised a night of quality music and a party ethos. We caught the last tube in as not to be super early keen bean, however we arrived to find two events on in the same venue which made queuing rather confusing. But we sorted it out and entered with our raving heads on.

Unfortunately it was a little sparse, but did get busier throughout the evening. One thing for sure, the music was cracking! Russ Yallop, Eli & Fur, Rob Made, Freight Train were on fire! The beats were really unique and not the same generic ‘thud thud’ that are all too familiar with house DJ sets.

Although a good night, it still leaves a hole in my ‘raving’ heart.

“A dance party that lasts all night and electronically synthesized music is played usually in the jungles or places where nobody knows about, involves drugs but not necessarily ( depends on the person), and good psytrance music by professional DJs, very colourful psychedelic lights, fire twirlers and lotsa peace and fun if u enjoy the music and you’re trippin, it’s like another world. also involves sex and fire twirlers”

Urban Dictionary, 2005

For me it was a ace club night at Plan B, and drew a good crowd. However a rave me for is underground, bare, psychedelic and raw. This was a little too……organised.

Maybe the best ones aren’t advertised? It’s time to head underground, my search continues……..

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Reporter: Aspen Glencross @GollumCrackCorn

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