The Jam Tree Review

Based in the popular area of Clapham Common, known for its numerous restaurants, my visit to The Jam Tree barely came close to what I would classify as the typical British pub experience. This was a classy pub, with a very vibrant twist! After entering through their automatic door we were met by the incredibly thought out decor, and I became immediately pleased with the fabulous layout. My guest and I were greeted upon arrival by the kind waitresses that were a helping hand throughout the evening, especially when it came to deciding what to choose from on their carefully constructed and scrumptious menu.


I had ordered a pulled pork burger accompanied with fries and ‘slaw. The presentation was fabulous, I loved the real feel of the flavours, and the ironic Strongbow that I ordered with a dash of blackcurrant went down so well with my meal.

My guest ordered fresh noodles with slowly cooked duck. I’m a big fan of duck and really enjoyed the tender taste of it, accompanied with an aromatic oriental feel. I liked!

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We weren’t too stuffed from our meals which was great as it meant more room for desert! My favourite word. I ordered a ‘banoffee mess’ which oozed numerous flavours that I could taste in each spoonful. It tasted much better than it looked! (Hence the word ‘mess’). The chocolate fudge brownie with a salted caramel scoop of ice cream was a popularly ordered dessert at the Jam Tree and highly recommended by our waitress. The ice cream was delicious, but I’m not the biggest fan of thick chocolate; it’s more for someone that adores very rich flavours.

We had strawberry flavoured jam shots just after desert which were very strong but nevertheless a new experience. Who would have thought you would be able to choose what flavour jam to be mixed with a vodka shot? Clever invention!


The Jam Tree also won me over with their drinks menu! It took me even longer to decide which cocktails I fancied (and would no longer remain sober after drinking). I had always strangely fantasised about having cocktails out of a cute jar with lots of sweet flavours; and that’s exactly what I had. The Bellini cocktail was a top hit and worked perfectly for my taste buds!

I definitely believe and I’m also 100% behind what the Jam Tree continue to achieve. Affordable, quickly and carefully cooked, well presented, and deliciously flavoured colonial meals, with a great atmosphere of books, wonderful art work, entertainment (such as a ping pong table), and even an outdoor beer garden! I wish nothing but success and more branches of the The Jam Tree closer to my postcode. This is nothing like a typical British pub. It’s a very friendly environment with such good vibes. I couldn’t think of a reason as to why I wouldn’t visit again, despite the slight distance! Such a great evening.

Written by: Hannah Journo @hannah_ajala

The Jam Tree have branches in Clapham and Chelsea. Check out their website, @The_Jam_Tree, /TheJamTree, Instagram, Pintrest


The Jam Tree Clapham

13 – 19 Old Town