Recipe: Sweet Potato and Plantain Mash

Sweet Potato and Plantain Mash

A great tasty alternative to traditional mash potato given to me by the lovely Claire Burton MP Pro.

Plaintain and Sweet Potato mash

Serves 2

Each serving contains

Calories                90k/cal

Fat                        0.2g

Carbohydrate       23.6g

Protein                  1.6g

Fibre                     1.2g



100g White Flesh Sweet Potato

100g Plantain

Plantain and Sweet Potato

1. Bring a medium pain of hot salted water to the boil.

2. Peel and chop the Sweet Potato into small pieces, dropped into the boiling water

3. Wash the skin of the Plantain and chop the ends.  Leaving the skin on slice the Plantain into inch thick slices.  Once sliced drop the Plantain pieces into the boiling water

4. Boil on a medium heat until both the plantain and sweet potato are soft

5. Remove pan from the heat and drain off the water using a colander

6. Remove the skin from the plantain (be careful as it is hot) and place both the potato and skinless plantain back in pan

7. Mash until it is your desired consistency and serve immediately.


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