Review: Del’Aziz

It’s not often you get a restaurant with a glass floor, let alone one that looks down on the remains of an abbey from 1082… This is definitely the most unique selling point of the Bermondsey branch of this Eastern Mediterranean restaurant. The second selling point, if you’re a seafood fan, is the incredible deals on lobster dishes, which are normally double the price in London!


First impressions were that it was definitely impressive, the inside was quite sheeeshy, but a little bit cold and sterile. This might be because it’s just had a refurb which means it doesn’t feel quite ‘homey’ yet, I get the feeling the place needs some time to settle into its new image. When it comes to restaurants, I love a feeling of warmth and familiarity that I didn’t quite get here, but the staff and their friendliness definitely did a good job of making up for it.

delaziz 1 (1)

When it came to the food there were no complaints from either of us! We each had a deliciously fancy cocktail while we were choosing our food, and then moved on to some great wines. We went for shared starter dishes of hummus, bulgur wheat and broccoli and some huge prawns. All of them were amazing, with distinct flavours and great seasoning. Great sized dishes as well – they curbed our hunger but didn’t fill us up for mains.

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Before we demolished them, our mains looked amazing. I had the best cooked sea bass I’ve ever tried and my friend went for a ribeye steak, she couldn’t choose between Bearnaise and Blue cheese sauce so they brought us both (though the bearnaise was much better in my opinion)!

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After a pretty large starter and two massive mains, we were both fairly stuffed so didn’t really have any room for dessert, but our waiter insisted on giving us both a mini taster of some great turkish pastries.

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Food was ten out of ten, some options were quite pricey, but there are some really good deals on lobster and sharing platters and the staff were lovely. A big bonus for me is the way they source their meat and fish, which is currently all from local markets and butchers. The only downers were the slight lack of atmosphere and if you’re a veggie, there aren’t a huge number of mains options on the menu.

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