Review: Good and Proper Tea

There is no better food than breakfast. Actually that’s a total lie, there is nothing better than breakfast FOOD. I can safely say I could comfortably eat cereal, toast, crumpets, pancakes or anything in between for all 3 meals.


So I was lucky enough last week to visit Good and Proper Tea based on Leather Lane, which hosted the best array of breakfast fare from the hours of 8am to 6pm daily. Deeeelish.

Plus they have THE most extensive tea menu. A curious Brit’s haven among the plethora of London coffee houses.


So one fine Tuesday lunchtime my friend and I entered hungry and parched. The team were super jolly and helpful as soon as we stepped through the door, and helped us sniff the variety of teas on offer which was a great aid in selecting my weapon of choice.


However the menu didn’t stop at tea.

After admitting I am often really British when it comes to my tea (English Breakfast or ‘Builders’ as we fondly refer to it), but feeling a little adventurous I had help choosing the Keemun (China) variety and (dare I say it) with no milk which was surprisingly yummy.

On a foodie front by recommendation I opted for a couple of homemade sourdough crumpets topped with cheese and onion marmalade, and the other with lime curd. The onion marmalade was so lovely, sweet yet definitely savoury and the lime curd was smooth and tangy.


We sat, sipped and chatted our way through lunchtime and beyond. Because not only was the food scrummy, the vibe was homely and super chilled with a beautifully modern wooden interior.

Not wanting to miss out I took some of the orange and poppy seed cake (again homemade!) away with me which I ate later….with more tea.


So it’s safe to say if you are looking for a top notch tea shop with gorgeous tea, delicious food and chilled vibes, Good and Proper Tea is the perfect place to kick back, relax and watch the world go by.


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Facebook: /goodandpropertea