Review: La Farola


Upper street in Angel is full of restaurants and bars, which can make it difficult to choose the right restaurant, as there is a mix of some great and some very average restaurants. We visited La Farola last week to give tapas a go. We went on a nice sunny day which was great, as they have these big windows that can open out, or if you prefer al fresco dining then you can opt for outdoor seating. One of the reasons why I like tapas so much is the ability to try lots of different dishes in one dinner setting. We opted for six dishes, six was recommend to start as the portions are quite generous.

We had the ‘Pollo Romesco’ marinated chicken thighs served with a romesco sauce and toasted almond flakes, the chicken was succulent and marinated well. The ‘Croquetas de jamón’ was a firm favourite, and to be honest I would have been happy ordering more thats how good it was! Inside the croquettes was ham and spinach, served with bravas sauce.

The ‘Patatas Fritas’ can generally be quite average at Tapas restaurant, but not here, they were marinated to perfection, served with spicy tomato bravas sauce and ali oil sauce. The ‘Bresaola’ which was salted beef served with artichoke heart, rocket and parmesan was served on a nice wooden board, the salted beef tasted nice and fresh.


Quinoa fans you will absolutely love the ‘Ensalada de granos’ mixed of quinoa, barley, Syrian rice, beans and pomegranate with a citrus dressing on a bed of crushed avocado. It was bursting with flavour, and the presentation was beautiful.

There was a good selection of deserts, but after eating tapas, it felt fitting to choose the Churros with chocolate sauce which was delicious.

The customer service was superb and I found our waitress to be very attentive, La Farola is definitely a Tapas restaurant you must try, we give it 5 stars!


101 Upper Street
N1 1QN

Review and photography by Nyla Sammons