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Review: Urban Food Fest

The evening of Saturday 31 October I ventured to the trendy streets of Shoreditch in search of the great Urban Food Fest.  As a self proclaimed foodie I must bow my head in shame – Urban Food Fest had not come into my radar until now and for that I feel decidedly sorrowful and fear I may have to relinquish my title as foodie.

Urban Food Fest was founded by City lawyer and investment banking duo Jessica and Mike – probably the most dedicated, motivated and inspirational duo you could ever have the fortune of meeting.  My prediction – they are set to take over the world.


Urban Food Fest street food and bar night markets take place every Saturday from midday to midnight at the Euro Car Parks on Shoreditch High Street, London.  Every Urban Food Fest market features 15 street food trucks and stalls that change weekly and serve a delicious array of global gourmet street food dishes – a foodie’s idea of heaven. It even hosts a premium bar and specialist cocktail bar serving craft beers, cider, exclusive urban cocktails, spirits, shots, international wines, prosecco and champagne.


If able I would have had something from everyone but alas my stomach I discovered has limited capacity.  I managed to sample Churros at Churros Garcia, Bao Buns at Le Bao, Mega wraps at Chalana Steak, Sexy Frenchie Burgers and deep fried Brussel sprouts at The Back St Diner and Okonomiyako at Yoshis.  If I had had the capacity the list my friend would have gone on.  The choice is so vast you feel totally compelled to go back. Even fussy eaters will have met their match at the Urban Food Fest – something for absolutely everyone.


The selection is second to none, the atmosphere and buzz of Shoreditch high street cannot be beaten and Mike and Jess are an absolute dream.  You simply have to check it out!


Find out more about Urban Food Fest by visiting:


Twitter: @UrbanFoodFest

Facebook: /UrbanFoodFest

Reviewed by Monica Imbert | Blog: | Twitter: @FuzzyMonzStar | Instagram: FuzzyMonzStar | Facebook: /FuzzyMonzStar


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