This Plastic Free July, add regular gum to the plastics you refuse to use and choose Nuud


Did you know that each piece of regular chewing gum contains the same amount of single-use plastic as a drinking straw? Yet, while plastic straws and many other single-use plastic items are banned, regular chewing gum is still readily available!

Nuud ( is the plastic free, plant based, biodegradable, sugar free chewing gum.

 Nuud are the David to the Goliath that is big gum

The gum category is dominated by one enormous player that is unwilling to acknowledge, let alone expose the truth about regular gum. Nuud is completely disrupting the chewing gum game. They’re on a mission to raise awareness of the plastic gum issue with the 85% of UK adults who are unaware that regular chewing gum contains single-use plastic.

Everyone deserves to know the truth about regular gum

●      Every piece of regular gum contains as much single-use plastic as a drinking straw

●      These plastics are hidden in the ingredients under the term gum base

●      One of the plastics found in regular gum is polyethylene, the same plastic found in carrier bags, shampoo and water bottles.

●      Even when responsibly disposed of regular gum ends up in landfill or water systems contributing to the plastic waste/microplastics problem

●      95% of UK pavements have plastic gum stuck to them which costs the government £100 million per annum to clean up

Consumers are demanding plastic free alternatives

●      92% of consumers are concerned about plastic pollution

●      85% of Brits think brands have a responsibility to make it clearer which ingredients their products contain 

Nuud have nothing to hide

●      Nuud clearly lists all plant-based ingredients 

●      All ingredients in Nuud gum come from plants, not plastic

●      Nuud is biodegradable, vegan and sweetened naturally with xylitol

●      The chewy gum base is made from sustainably harvested tree sap called chicle

●      Nuud biodegrades naturally, just like a banana skin

Now available in 3 flavours: Peppermint, Spearmint and Menthol

You can pick up a pack at Waitrose, Morrisons, Co-op or online from Ocado, Amazon and direct from

“Most people don’t know that regular chewing gum is made of single-use plastic and isn’t compostable,” says Keir Carnie, founder of Nuud. “The government spends around £100 million a year cleaning up gum from our streets. We want to tackle this and effect a whole scale change in behaviour when it comes to chewing gum”

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