Sauvelle Vodka Lights on, Nobody’s Home cocktail

Thursday night we visited The 5* BROWNS HOTEL on Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BP for a Sauvelle Vodka master class and to try the new summer cocktail, Lights On, Nobody’s Home.


We got to meet the makers of Sauvelle and have a chat to them about how their vodka is created. Sauvelle is a vodka made at a microdistillery in the Cognac region. It’s produced using wheat, and is filtered through three types of wood. It’s been designed to be smooth on the palate, with hints of vanilla, almond and cherry blossom. We definitely got those flavours when we sampled it, with the vanilla flavour being the more predominant.

We’ve shared the recipe for the Lights On, Nobody’s Home cocktail so you too can try this at home. It’s a fruity and punchy drink, that’s easy to consume. We love it and we’re sure you will too.


Lights On, Nobody’s Home

70ml Sauvelle ‘Crafted French’ Vodka

10ml blue curaçao

10ml peach liqueur

30ml lemon juice

10ml gomme

Method: Shake and serve in a light bulb glass


Reviewer: Tegan LeBon

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