El Jimador’s Paloma Cocktail

El Jimador is backing the Paloma this summer – a fresh and zesty tequila cocktail that offers an authentic taste of Mexico.


Named after the symbol of peace – the dove – the Paloma is a long, refreshing combination of el Jimador Blanco, lime juice, grapefruit soda and an optional pinch of salt. It works equally well as a single serve or as a punch-like sharing drink, making it ideal for all kinds of summertime drinking occasions.

As the Mexican alternative to the G&T, there’s plenty of opportunity to mix things up with seasonal fruits and British ingredients. And the Paloma’s lightness and bright grapefruit flavours make it a perfect accompaniment for the Mexican street food scene currently exploding in the UK.

If you hit the bars in Mexico, it’s not Margaritas they’re drinking. The Paloma is by far a more authentic way to drink tequila – modern, and unquestionably Mexican. And bars in the UK haven’t wasted any time either, with venues such as La Bodega Negra, Breddos Tacos and Crazy Pedro’s already offering the el JimadorPaloma.


The Paloma’s past

As with so many classics, the origins of the Paloma aren’t clear, but one possible birthplace is the famed La Capilla in Tequila, where Don Javier Delgado Corona has been an early pioneer in combining 100% agave tequila with carbonated drinks. One of Don Javier’s most well-known creations is the Batanga, made with tequila, lime, Coca-Cola and a pinch of salt.

A popular roadside drink at venues called cantaritos, served in a takeaway ceramic mug, has parallels with the Paloma. These consist of tequila, a mix of citrus juice, a touch of salt, and are topped with grapefruit soda. When this drink was inevitably picked up by established bars and clubs in Mexican cities, the recipe was shortened, and the drink was served in glass instead.

With Mexican food continuing to rise in popularity, and consumers in search of fresh, authentic flavours, the Paloma is something every adventurous drinker should try. Besides, 127 million Mexicans can’t all be wrong.


The el JimadorPaloma

50ml el Jimador Blanco

10ml lime juice

150ml grapefruit soda (Ting in the UK)

Optional pinch of sea salt

Prepare by filling a tall tumbler with cubed ice to the top.

Add ingredients in order as above.

Garnish with a slice of red grapefruit, or zest.