Sauvelle Vodka Review

With World Gin Day this weekend, we thought we’d mix things up with our Sauvelle Vodka review. Sauvelle vodka is a luxury French Vodka made at a microdistillery in the Cognac region. It’s produced using wheat, and is filtered through three types of wood. It’s been designed to be smooth on the palate, with hints of vanilla, almond and cherry blossom.

The vanilla flavour is more predominant in this bottle and I have to admit I’m a fan of it. It’s definitely not too sweet or artificial tasting at all. The vodka mixes well in cocktails, though was equally enjoyable on its own or as a Vodka and Tonic. I really enjoyed it with tonic water, especially with a vanilla bean as it was a refreshing change from the usually sweet mixers that you find with vodka. A lot of people say vodka does not have a taste, to those people… I encourage you to try Sauvelle Vodka. You’ll soon be carrying a different tune and enjoying this smooth beverage over ice.

We’d be amiss if we didn’t mention Sauvelle Vodka’s gorgeous bottle. We love it’s classy design and dark colours which differ from other bottles of vodka on the market. It certainly is high catching that is for sure and shows that it is indeed a luxury vodka.

Sauvelle is certainly ‘Born Of The Wild’ and is as ‘beautiful’ as it is ‘wild’…. just as they intended.

Sauvelle Vodka costs £34.95 and can be purchased online from the Sauvelle’s website or various online retailers. Add it to your collection now.

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Written by Tegan LeBon